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Our World of Wildlife

Everything we do at Haith's, we aim to make a positive difference. We create hand-crafted bird food daily on-site that is healthy, natural and fresh - it's been Haith's way since 1937. We source only the finest ingredients and subject them to our unique award-winning super-clean seed cleaning system, which removes unwanted grain dust, debris and extraneous husk (because these are harmful to birds' respiratory systems). 

Our super-clean seed is then blended on the premises in small batches by specialists. When a mix achieves our 'hand-crafted' status, it becomes a Haith's product and the Haith's stamp on the bag is your guarantee of goodness. Buy our bird food online; we do not supply garden centres, supermarkets or pet shops because we believe that fresh is best. So, if you think all birdseeds are equal, think again - it’s time for you to enter Haith’s world of wildlife. 

Want to know more about bird feeding? Order a free wild bird feeding brochure from Haith's and enter the world of high-quality garden bird foods. Stay in touch with nature 365 days a year, provides safe, fresh, trusted bird food and wild bird feeders.

FREE Catalogue for people who love feeding wildlife.

Request a printed copy of our limited edition wild bird feeding catalogue here.

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  • Buy Aviform for cage bird health.

    Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

    Buy quality vitamin & mineral supplements for cage and aviary birds direct from Haith's. We stock these trusted specialist brands: Vetark, Johnsons, Aviform and Avigold.

  • Buy Vanodine V18 direct from Haith's to maintain bird health 365 days of the year.

    Bird-Keeping Appliances

    There is always a need for good appliances to bolster good animal husbandry. Take a closer look at ours here.

  • Buy Safe4 disinfectant to keep bird feeding safe for wildlife and cage and avairy birds.

    Hygiene for Cage Birds

    When it comes to bird-keeping, like humans, our first consideration should be hygiene because in this way we can keep nasty bacteria and pests at bay - go shopping for hygiene products here.

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