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Medley bird food mix containing 14 different seeds and foods for garden birds.

Welcome to Haith's – The Heart of Bird Care and Nutrition for Nature.

Since 1937, Haith's has been dedicated to superior, natural bird food and feeders. Our range, including over 120 bird seeds like nutritious suet, no-mess mixes, and mealworms, caters to all garden and aviary birds. Discover our durable, squirrel-proof feeders, stylish bird tables, and versatile feeding stations, designed to attract diverse species and beautify your garden. Committed to eco-friendly, quality bird care, we ensure our products benefit both your birds and nature.

Join Haith's in championing garden wildlife and delight in the benefits of a bird-friendly environment.

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    Bird Feeders 

    Explore our diverse collection of bird feeders, ideal for bird enthusiasts seeking to attract a variety of wild birds to your garden. Enjoy your morning coffee while observing birds at your feeder, offering the perfect way to connect with nature. 

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    Nest Boxes 

    Explore our carefully designed range of nest boxes, created to offer a secure sanctuary for nesting birds. Provide birds with an inviting shelter and attract a greater variety of feathered visitors to your garden.

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    Most Popular 

    Take a look at our most popular garden bird supplies: 


    Dried Mealworms 

    Suet & Fat Balls

    Sunflower Seeds

What's NEW now

Medley: 'Every Seed Sings, Every Garden Dances'!

Watch a more vibrant garden come to life with Medley – a carefully crafted mix of 14 high-energy seeds, each selected to attract a wide array of beautiful garden birds. Our blend promises nourishment and a spectacle of nature right in your garden.

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Wildlife Care 

Discover a great range of wildlife products including hedgehog, squirrel and badger food, bug hotels, cleaning products and much more! 

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Simon H King and Dynamite Baits

Fishing Ingredients 

From Robin Red to other high-quality ingredients including base mix, boilies and fish meal bait, browse a great range of fishing ingredients at Haith’s. 

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