A Wildlife Garden in November

A Wildlife Garden in November

A drop in temperature offers a fantastic opportunity for the garden bird enthusiast; it’s a great time of year to watch nature develop in your own back garden; it’s a chance to see Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Greenfinches and Blue Tits and one of our all-time favourites, the Robin.

You may also see winter migrants (the winter thrushes) that include Redwings, Fieldfares, and Bramblings – make the most of these as they will return to their homes come springtime.

During this cooler period, it’s essential for birds to find and consume their food quickly and so providing high-quality bird food will help them survive the winter and (importantly) be fighting fit for the spring breeding season.

Our Autumn/winter mix is bursting with energy-rich nutrients, this can be fed in a tubular feeder or scattered on a bird table.


Autumn Winter Mix

Don’t forget birds feed at all different levels and species such as thrushes and Dunnocks do not like to use a hanging feeder and so bird food for them is best fed on the ground. Haith’s Songster food is the perfect mix to just scatter around the garden and may be found by Dunnocks and thrushes.

Suet foods are very popular with most kinds of birds and are packed with calories. Unsure which ones to try first? Try our suet variety pack, which contain four different flavours - you'll soon identify your garden birds' favourite.

Despite the autumn and winter months being traditionally cooler, they can, at times, be a relatively dry time of year as water sources may be frozen. So why not put out a bird bath but remember to change the water daily.


Bird Baths
Autumn is also the best time of the year to clear out nest boxes or place a new one up, birds may use it to shelter in during the colder months.

Nest Boxes from Haith's

We have a fantastic range of wooden, natural and woodcrete nest boxes which would be a great addition to any garden.

The sunlight can be gentle in autumn and with dwindling light and shorter days, there is still much to see and discover in your garden. We hope you enjoy feeding and watching the birds in your wildlife garden this November.

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Written by Angela Cullen

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