Image of Bill Oddie putting seed on a bird table.

Bird Feeders Hygiene: Best Practices for a Healthy Feeding Environment

When a large number of birds are attracted to gardens to feed, their chances of contracting a disease are slightly increased because they are grouping together in one place (a bird table for example) and also in relatively large numbers, which they don’t tend to do in the wild.

However, there is nothing to worry about at all provided you keep your bird tables and feeders clean and practice good hygiene. 

Image of Bill Oddie filling up a bird table.

Remember to sweep up any waste food and husks at least once a week, plus clean down your tables and feeders with a disinfectant - always make sure you rinse off the solution with plenty of clean water.

You should also move feeders and tables, on a regular basis, to different positions in the garden to prevent the ground below becoming infected.

Only put out the amount of food you think your birds will eat in one day and top up when all the seed has gone, to also help prevent the risk of infection building up.

Healthy seed and healthy birds are our number one priority here at Haith's and that’s why our high-quality seed makes for happy birds.

Written by Angela and Chris

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