Bird Feeding Basics: Essential Tips for Beginners

Bird Feeding Basics: Essential Tips for Beginners

Friday, 6th August 2021

Bird feeding in your garden doesn’t have to be a lavish or expensive affair.

In fact, the most basic of equipment is needed. In Haith’s wildlife garden we have both a manufactured bird feeding table and a homemade one with just a piece of flat wood nailed onto an old tree stump. We can honestly say that each one is visited daily by doves, sparrows, blackbirds and goldfinches.

A group of brown birds perching on a wooden feeder.

Basic equipment such as bird foodbird feeders, bird feeding pole, bird feeding table, bird feeding water bath and a bird feeding station is all that’s needed to set you up and you’re well on your way to a rewarding hobby.
Bird food basics like peanuts for birds and a good, basic bird seed mix such as our Original Wild Bird Food will serve your garden birds a nutritious meal throughout the seasons and, once you know they are loved by your local birds, we have a huge selection of different mixes for you to try; for example, take a closer look at our Huskfree Advance no mess bird food range. These seed mixes are purchased by thousands of Haith’s customers and its main benefit is that's it's 100% edible, which means there's no waste.

If space is tight a bird feeding pole or bird feeding station could be the answer. These two products are great space-savers. Bird feeding stations in particular come in different designs, many with a bird feeding water dish and bird feeding tray. As well as hooks for hanging bird feeders from, these clever stations are perfect if your garden is empty of bushes and trees.

 Long-tailed tit hanging from a fat ball holder.
A bird feeding house, more commonly known as a bird table, would also be a welcome addition. Bird feeding houses or tables can again be elaborate or basic items, but both have that common purpose. Somewhere for you to scatter bird food and for garden birds to land safely. We do recommend siting your bird feeding house in a quiet location, preferably near to your house, so you can enjoy all the comings and goings. Once your garden birds feel safe, they should be regular visitors.

A bird feeding cage could help feed your ground feeding birds like blackbirds and robins. These timid birds like to rummage around on the ground and as these cages often come with adjustable mesh, they can be adjusted to suit your garden bird’s needs. Haith’s Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding Dome is designed to prevent larger birds from gaining access to feed.

We have found over the years that many of our customers like to create their own bird feeder DIY style. From unused teacups to a hollowed-out pumpkin at Halloween time, these DIY bird feeders can be fun to create and also a great way of getting children involved in feeding garden birds. Let their imagination flow and your garden birds will benefit too!

So, from the most basic of bird feedersbird food, bird feeding trays and bird feeding cages you can begin to start feeding your garden birds. Let us help.

Contact our customer service champions for any advice you may need and with the experience and knowledge that Haith’s bird feeding specialists have, you can be sure our bird food is healthy, natural and fresh.

Written by Angela

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