Celebrating Earth Day 2020: Tips for Supporting Wildlife

Celebrating Earth Day 2020: Tips for Supporting Wildlife

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

On 22nd April every year, we are encouraged to celebrate Earth Day. First organised in 1970, it is the global effort to clean up habitats and promote environmental protection and is now 50 years old.

The World with a white dove in flight, about to take land.

This year in particular, as most of us are isolating, we can really get involved with this. You may ask yourself what you can do to help. Simple things like planting bee and butterfly friendly plants or not tidying up that unruly part of your garden (allowing nettles to grow), making it a safe place for small mammals and bugs are just two of the things you can do.

Hidden gate covered by green leaves and foliage.
One of the easiest things, however, is to recycle; paper and plastic can be recycled rather than thrown away. Teach your children the best way to recycle, even give them a pile of their own rubbish and let them sort it into different recycling tubs. Recycling is a very small way you can help but it has a big impact on the environment. Here at Haith’s, we are always doing what we can to recycle, with our ‘Mission R’.

If your garden is big enough to plant a tree, plant a tree! Trees provide oxygen, which is something that both animals and humans need to survive. Every year hundreds of trees are cut down to make way for new homes, roads, shopping centres and much more. By planting a tree, you would be helping to restore the balance of our ecosystem as well as making a lasting memory in your own garden. Even the smallest of trees, planted in a tub would be helping.
Gorgeous still woodland with a floor covered with bluebells and sun shining through the trees.
Whilst out on your daily exercise take gloves and a bag. Pick up any dropped litter, this will instantly make your local area a more pleasant place to be for yourself and neighbours, as well as for wildlife and the environment.

From brushing your teeth without running the water to turning off that light switch in an empty room, these are the smallest of things but can make a big impact.

Now more than ever let's all take the time to keep our environment clean, enjoyable and a safe place to be.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.

Written by Angela

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