Helping Wildlife from the Workplace: Tips and Strategies

Helping Wildlife from the Workplace: Tips and Strategies

We all know the pleasures of feeding our local wildlife at home. Watching your garden birds feeding can give us great satisfaction and when your birds drink, bathe and preen themselves it’s a spectacle that the whole family can get involved in; however, feeding wildlife doesn’t have to end when you leave home.

Here at Haith’s HQ in Lincolnshire, we are lucky enough to have near floor-to-ceiling windows that enable us to view our wildlife garden.
We have many visitors including pheasants, rabbits, foxes, and seagulls, as well as an array of garden birds including GreenfinchesGoldfinchesBlackbirds, and very territorial robins.
During the past few weeks, like the rest of the UK, we have experienced very hot temperatures in Lincolnshire and our team have been busy keeping our wildlife feeders topped up. We were concerned, though, that although we have bird baths scattered around they only benefit a handful of our visitors - what about ground feeding birds and small mammals?

We are lucky enough to see nature and wildlife outside our office window

This resulted in a quick scramble around to find anything that resembled a shallow dish that we could leave out for hedgehogs, rabbits, and our other tiny visitors to drink from.
Our Ceramic Oval Bird Bath does the job perfectly and is available in three fantastic colours.

bird baths do the perfect job for the hedgehogs to take a drink

We would love to hear about your workplace efforts to help the local wildlife and if you would like to share them with us please email our team at
Alternatively, if you need any advice you can call our friendly operators on 0800 2987054 and we will do all we can to help, we look forward to hearing from you.

Written by Angela

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