Does Nature make us happier?

Does Nature make us happier?

Thousands of us took part in the 30 days Wild in June and - with growing evidence that the natural world improves our energy levels and reduces anxiety - more of us are realising that nature makes us feel wonderful.

So this summer why not treat your mind and your body as regularly as you can. For example, go for long walks, go barefoot when walking on the grass or why not pick some wild fruit.

Wherever you live there are areas of green space, even in the busiest of urban areas.

Our team members have their own favourite outdoor places where they like to relax and make memories.

Clair, who is part of our IT team, travelled to Boa Vista beach at Cape Verde recently and was lucky enough to watch turtles and crabs.

Gemma, our customer services manager, enjoys walking through the woods of the New Forest and watching the free-roaming ponies. 

Ellie, our newest team member, feels relaxed in Hubbard Hills near Louth Lincolnshire, paddling in the stream as it makes her feel less tense.

Lincolnshire scenery

Tina, who is part of our mail order team, recently visited Hatfield House gardens where she really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere while looking for bees and butterflies.

Andrea, our H.R. Manager, enjoys travelling in her caravan as it gets her closer to nature, watching wildlife and listening to the birds.

Andrea from Haith's hugging a tree.

No matter where you live or travel to, you can take comfort in our natural world as it assists your well-being and welfare.

Even if it is going outside topping your bird feeders up, or strolling in your local park, stay connected to nature, stay wild, and have a fabulous summer.

Written by Angela and Chris



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