Chaffinch Bird: Identification, Habitat, and Feeding Guide

Chaffinch Bird: Identification, Habitat, and Feeding Guide

The Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) is a common and widespread small bird in the finch family. The male is brightly coloured with a blue-grey cap and reddish underparts.

The female is a bit duller in colour but both have white on the wings and sides to the tail. The male bird has a strong voice and sings from exposed perches to attract a mate.

It is one of the most common bird species in the UK and one of the top 10 most reported birds in the garden and during the winter the numbers increase as many of them come to Britain to escape bitter winters in Europe, and then they return during the spring.

The chaffinch prefers the open woodland and forges on the ground, as well as hedgerows and gardens, and can be seen in many parks amongst the trees, shrubs and plants which provide a rich habitat for birdlife. Also, you may be lucky and spot them hopping around these areas or perched on a branch or even under hedges.
They are known to be a tame bird and a regular visitor to the bird table and by providing them with seeds, berries or some kind of suet will give them the goodness they need. Haiths Golden Chorus ™ is a great wholesome soft food and as soon as you open this delicious bag the enjoyment begins and you will love the aromatic blend of rowan and juniper berries in a crumbly moist mix (which is 100% edible). This lovely food can be fed from a bird table, ground feeder or even sprinkled on the ground.

Another popular source of food for Chaffinches is the Berry flavoured suet pellets these small pieces of suet are easy for birds to feast upon and work a treat when scattered on the ground. They also provide them with essential high-energy protein to keep them on flying, and the birds will absolutely love them.

The Chaffinch bird


Written by Tina Jakes



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