The natural world through a lens

The natural world through a lens

I challenged my two boys to take a few photos on Sunday to see if they could capture nature and its surroundings during a family stroll into town.

Here's the two they shortlisted from a thirty (or so) strong camera roll: 

Shrubs and trees near wall with Church spire in background.

It was enjoyable to watch them dart around the Lincolnshire Wolds looking for a photo opportunity. So often we're all absorbed in what's delivered to our phones and devices; it's so easy to miss, for example, that grey squirrel sat on a decaying log - sat quietly holding fallen fruits in its paws and munching away for a moment. I wasn't quick enough to snap the squirrel, but I did spot it.

My boys were appearing from hedges, kneeling down to get closer to nature, looking up, looking down and even listening to the natural world. They were disconnected for a brief moment from the connected economy and were open to the natural world of bird song and falling leaves. It was a joy to see them comparing their photos. 

I invite you to take a few natural history photos with your smartphone and please share them with me if you do.

Written by Simon H. King


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