Exploring the Wild Side of Cleethorpes Town: A Nature Walk Guide

Exploring the Wild Side of Cleethorpes Town: A Nature Walk Guide

Tuesday, 14th April 2020

It’s Sunday and through these uncertain times during the coronavirus pandemic, my husband and I are following the government guidelines and taking to exercising daily outdoors. We are very lucky to have a seaside town and lovely parks on our doorstep where we live.

During our walk, we could see that nature is springing into life. Just beautiful. Today, we have clear blue skies and the sun is shining down with the warmth in the sun. Bulbs are making an appearance and we can see people busy pottering in their front gardens attending to their tubs and planting borders.

Strolling towards the beachfront, we can hear the birds in the trees above calling out to one another and preparing their nests. On a warm day like today, normally, the beachfront would be busy with visitors and locals but during the pandemic, people are adhering to the rules.

Our walk continues to the boating lake which is overrun with teams of ducks and gaggles of geese wondering where all the visitors are.

Swan in the water.

During normal times, people flock to the boating lake during the spring and summer months to feed the ducks and geese when The Discovery Centre (a Cleethorpes visitor attraction) would normally be open. I know that the teams and gaggles love the Haith’s Duck & Goose mix so - on my next walk to the boating lake, I will have to ensure I take some food mix with me. They looked at us as if to ask ‘where is my lunch’?

We head towards the Country Park and as we walk through the long meadow grass you can hear the bumblebees buzzing around, we spotted our first ladybird and were amazed by the number of butterflies we could see. A little squirrel ran out in front of us too.

Two white swans emerging from water.

To our surprise we stumble over swans, the Cob and Pen, protecting their nest from any unwanted predators at the side of the beck. We managed a photo but didn’t want to get too close to unnerving them. I am looking forward to the day their cygnets arrive and they become a family.

Written by Andrea Parratt

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