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Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainable Bird Feeding Practices

There are so many so-called waste-free, no-mess bird food mixes available in the UK we thought we’d take a closer look at the one that started it all – Huskfree Advance. Specifically, does our Huskfree Advance bird food live up to its reputation as being a 100% edible, no grow, and no waste premium quality mix?

Well as the saying goes waste not, want not - in other words, if you don’t waste anything you will always have enough. This is why we created Huskfree Advance to be 100% edible and, therefore, waste-free.

Handcrafted by our bird food specialists, this premium mix contains key ingredients such as sunflower heartspinhead oatmeal and oystershell grit, which means that it is enriched with natural calcium.

In all our trials, one thing is for certain: Huskfree Advance is always devoured in its entirety by a wide variety of garden birds such as blackbirds, robinsgreenfinches and chaffinches.

Because it's 100% waste-free, if you're the kind of person who wants to spend more time watching the birds than clearing up after them then this is the mix for you.

We created the recipe to be ever flexible; it's designed to be used in a tubular feeder, on a bird table, or scattered on the ground where it might be found by a timid Wren, chaffinch or thrush.

It's not only bird-friendly, but it’s garden-friendly too; no waste also means no germination beneath bird feeders. Keen gardeners take note.

The Huskfree range offers variety. Three variations are available:
Huskfree Advance with Dried MealwormsHuskfree Advance with Suet Pellets:or, our standard Huskfree Advance - which is a great place to start if you've never tried one of our premium quality bird foods before.

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Peace of mind comes with every one of our handcrafted bird foods; our huskfree mixes have been tried and tested not only by our team in their gardens, and in our wildlife garden here at the bird food centre, but also by thousands of customers throughout the UK. Our specialist mixing team spend hours making sure all our mixes are blended to perfection. That's Haith's way.

Try Advance today.

Written by Angela

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