Image of a father & son bird watching in a glade.

How Watching Wildlife Improves Well-being: Health Benefits and Tips

Wildlife, and especially watching garden birds, has always made us happy but a recent study by Exeter University has confirmed that people living close to birds have a better level of mental health. 

Image of a man kneeling down next to a young boy both birdwatching with binoculars

The study, of over 274 people, discovered that in a period of just one afternoon their stress levels fell based on the number of birds they saw.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the birds are a blue tit or a magpie, it’s the number of birds that makes the difference, along with bird song, it helps people recover from mental tiredness. 

Image of a pathway through a glad with tall trees either side.

Areas of green spaces are good for our well being and when we are able to walk outside and experience nature this can help our stress levels and prevent us from overthinking. So whether it’s just taking a walk to your local shop or walking through your local park, our advice is to get out there as much as possible.

We have increasingly busy lives and a momentary sight of a goldfinch or collared dove can offer a break from our daily routine. 

Image of a Goldfinch sat on a tree stump

Watching too much tv or staring at your computer screen can lead to depression but nature can help to heal, soothe and restore our feelings and help us to connect to our environment.

Written by Angela and Chris

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