How to attract Goldfinches

Which Bird Foods Attract Goldfinches?

There are only three types of Goldfinch in the world. Two live across the Atlantic Ocean (the American goldfinch and Lawrence’s goldfinch – also found in the USA).

The European species is the one we see in our gardens. This European bird was, however, successfully introduced to Australia and New Zealand over a century ago.

In Victorian Britain, the goldfinch was a prevalent cage bird, and due to large numbers being trapped for this purpose, the goldfinch population plummeted sharply. Thankfully, possession of a wild bird is a criminal offence today. Luckily for us, the decline of this gorgeous finch was eventually halted, and as such, it is now an RSPB listed green species, which is the least critical group. In 2018, the goldfinch had what become known as a ‘golden year’ with sightings rising by 11% on 2017's Big Garden Birdwatch figures and was seen in more than two-thirds of gardens.

The male goldfinch has a longer beak than the female, which allows them to feed on teasel, which is something the females hardly ever attempt. They are mainly vegetarian, although, during the spring they will take small insects like aphids.

Below are three of our products that your goldfinches will readily consume:

Sunflower Hearts are a favourite with goldfinches and siskins - they seem to love them. Not only are sunflower hearts high in energy and nutritious, but they also contain protein, fat, and they're high in minerals and vitamins. In some parts of the UK, goldfinches prefer sunflower hearts to Niger Seed.

Goldfinches love Niger Seed ( Guizotia Abyssinica ). Niger has been used for many years in North America as bird food, particularly for goldfinches, and it's been on Haith's menu for many years. It is rich in oils and other nutrients essential for birds and is high in calories. By putting out niger seed, you may attract a wider variety of birds to your garden. Niger's popularity as bird seed for wild birds spread to Europe in the late 1990s. When feeding the tiny seed, it's worth investing in a niger seed feeder as that prevents it from spilling onto the ground.

Our unique Goldfinch & Siskin mix can help attract even the most discerning goldfinch to garden bird feeders, and if you're lucky enough, you may see them feed in large numbers, which is called a charm. We have tested this mix over several years alongside our Niger Seed in trials, and we've concluded that goldfinches and siskins do love a variety in their diets.

Written by Angela and Chris

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