Why Handcrafted Matters at Haith's

Why Handcrafted Matters

Everything is better when it’s made with love and attention to detail. Serve your family or friends a frozen, mass-produced pudding and yes it will ‘do’ but only the handcrafted one that you’ve made yourself will touch everyone sat around the table.

The same goes for our wild bird food mixes - handcrafted is best.

The way of the world at the moment is to mass-produce everything. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that; some things need to be produced that way to meet mass-market demand, but we care more than that at Haith’s, and that's why we make handcrafted bird food daily on-site that's healthy, natural and fresh. It's Haith's way.

Yes, we have machinery in our production department but what we also have is the experience of our bird food specialists who create our handcrafted bird foods every working day of the week. Everything we do at Haith’s we do to make a positive difference to create healthy, natural and fresh food for your garden birds.

Anything handcrafted - whether it’s jewellery or woodcarvings, embraces and celebrates the human potential (we (Haith's) see it as a mix of art and science). The respect and joy that is put into creating a handcrafted product is often reflected in the item itself - certainly, in our case, it's about making sure nature is provided with the cleanest, healthiest foods because nature never gets a day off.

It all starts with the finest of ingredients; we only ever buy ingredients supplied by trusted brokers. These ingredients are carefully inspected, super-cleaned, polished, checked and checked again before they get anywhere near our blending team. Our bird food specialist knows how to craft each blend together - this is where experience comes into play. Essentially, however, it's a meeting of minds - because each blend can be very different. Even air temperature can change the appearance of a mix, which is why our bird food specialist meets with a company director (normally Rachael Haith) to agree if a mix is worthy of Haith's handcrafted stamp of approval.

We have blended mixes for over eight decades. This experience floods through every decision we make as we aim to make a positive difference. If we can improve a diet, we'll lock in that improvement and we'll aim to reach that same quality the next time we make the diet again. Only from years of experience can the knowledge be gained for this part of the process. Our bird food team know how to tweak every single mix to optimise it for the birds and you because our customers agree with us that's what's best for birds. Only when we're 100% happy with the mix do we pass it on to our bagging and packing team.

We happen to think that everything is more beautiful when it’s made with love and luckily for us more and more people are understanding the value of handcrafted products. Our mixes are unique to us and are made with the passion and care that nature (and you) deserves.

Written by Angela

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