Window feeders for wild birds

Window Bird Feeders

Read here why window bird feeders are an easy but effective way to feed and see a variety of wild birds.

What can be better than watching the birds feed in the garden? Watching the birds feed right up against your window. That's what. Here's how...

Window bird feeders are great for two main reasons, the most important being that they may prevent bird strikes. Not the industrial action kind - no, the most serious ones where birds fly into windowpanes. One may think that window bird feeders create more chance of bird strikes, but the opposite is true. Birds see the feeder, they realise that it's stuck to something - even if they can't see it - they approach with caution as there seems to be something...yes, bird food, in it. Once they've overcome their cautious approach, other birds will see them feeding on the window bird feeders and the rinse and repeat cycle commences.

The second thing they do is bring wildlife closer, and these up close encounters can generate magical moments for the entire family. If for example, personal mobility is an issue, bringing the birds closer for that person to observe could give someone who may feel housebound a link with the outside world.

Written by Simon King



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