Mrs Downing's secret suet production line

Mrs Downing's secret suet production line

Mrs Downing from Yorkshire finally let us see her very own fat ball production line, which is inspected daily by her dog Harvey. This is what we found...

We asked for the recipe, and it sounds good enough for us to eat!

  • Here we go...bacon rind (unsalted of course) 
  • Lard mixed with Haith's Original Wild Bird Food
  • A few leftover Christmas nuts (again, unsalted)
  • Topped off with a few dried mealworms.

Mix everything together and squash into egg cups (great idea!) and other formats - not forgetting to sink the string at the same time. (Good advice as it's too late once they've cooled off.)

Mrs Downing's secret suet line
Haiths bird mix in holders ready to set


Harvey the dog inspecting the mixes

A quick inspection from Harvey before popping them into the fridge...

A inspection from Harvey the dog

...and they're ready to feed by the next morning.

Well done Mrs Downing.

The birds will love them and Bill Oddie would be proud of you!


Written by Haith's

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