Robin Red by Ken Townley

Robin Red by Ken Townley

Robin Red, a legendary bait additive developed by renowned angler Ken Townley, has long been hailed as a game-changer in the world of fishing. Derived from a unique blend of spices, seeds, and other natural ingredients, Robin Red boasts a distinctive red colour and potent aroma that make it a highly effective attractor for a wide range of fish species.

One of the key benefits of fishing with Robin Red is its unparalleled ability to stimulate fish feeding responses. The potent combination of spices and natural oils in Robin Red creates a powerful smell  in the water, effectively drawing fish to the baited area and triggering their predatory instincts. This makes Robin Red particularly effective for targeting cautious fish, helping anglers achieve success even in challenging fishing conditions.

Moreover, Robin Red is known for its versatility and effectiveness across different fishing methods and techniques. Whether used as a bait additive, ground bait ingredient, or hook bait coating, Robin Red consistently delivers outstanding results, making it a favourite among anglers of all skill levels. Its vibrant red colour and distinctive aroma make it stand out in a crowded fishing environment, ensuring that your bait receives maximum attention from hungry fish.

Furthermore, Robin Red is prized for its nutritional benefits, providing fish with a highly attractive and nutritious food source. The natural ingredients in Robin Red contain essential oils, proteins, and carbohydrates that mimic the natural diet of fish, making it an irresistible bait option. This nutritional value not only increases the likelihood of fish taking the bait but also promotes their health and vitality, resulting in stronger, more vigorous fish.

In addition to its effectiveness as a bait attractor, Robin Red is also renowned for its long-lasting smell and flavour properties. Even in challenging fishing conditions or heavily pressured waters, Robin Red continues to release its potent aroma, ensuring that your bait remains attractive and enticing to fish throughout your fishing session.

Robin Red by Ken Townley is a must-have bait additive for anglers seeking to enhance their fishing success. With its potent smell vibrant colour, and nutritional benefits, Robin Red consistently proves itself as a reliable and effective attractor for a wide range of fish species. Whether you're targeting carp, Tench, bream, or other freshwater species, incorporating Robin Red into your bait is sure to raise your fishing experience and increase your chances of landing the big one.

Robin Red is a superb attractor and is also a nutritional food ingredient. Its unique smell and taste have tempted literally thousands of carp over the years and it shows no sign of falling off just yet awhile. The active ingredients in Robin Red include blended peppers, sugars, selected food oils and blend of highly attractive spices. There is only one Robin Red and that comes from Haiths Supercatch. Beware of any look-alike that claims to be Robin Red…it isn’t!

Virtually every bait firm, large and small, includes Robin Red in at least one if its proprietary boiled bait mixes and you can bet that any mix with the word ‘red’ in the titles has the red stuff in it. The success of these types of base mix has been astonishing, and Robin Red-based mixes are certainly among the best birdfood mixes you will ever find. The smell and taste of Robin Red is totally unique and it has an incredible pulling power.

I have been asked many times, “what is the secret of Robin Red?” Quite simply, I wish I knew! Nor can I tell you the recipe, having no idea exactly what is in it. Sure, anglers down the ages have had it analysed and claim to know the full Monty, but there is only a handful of people in the whole country who know the recipe off pat. Sure, I have a vague idea and even Haiths will admit to its general make up, but as to the proportions and levels, I couldn’t tell you. In general terms you can describe Robin Red as a very spicy, peppery red powder, blended to that highly secret and totally original recipe by Haith’s Ltd.

(Incidentally, the recipe and the name Robin Red is a registered Trade Mark. This means that it cannot legally be copied, not can anyone else use the name.)

Initially Robin Red was, and still is, used as an ingredient in boiled bait recipes and you can tweak any of you won favourites with 25-50g/500g of Robin Red. In addition why not try adding this amount to your own favourite proprietary base mix. Trigga, for instance can be boosted by adding 50g of Robin Red to 450g Trigga Base mix, as can any other bait from the major bait firms.

Here is an idea for making semi-buoyant or buoyant hookbaits. Simply mix together 225g of Richworth’s Fishmeal Pop-Up Mix, 225g of Trigga and 50g of Robin Red. Add you attractors as required and roll out and boil for 2 minutes. Result? A lovely-smelling hookbait boosted with Robin Red.

Keep your eyes on this site for updates containing still more Robin Red tips…!

super red

Probably the best-known carp bait additive and carp attractor in the world. When ordering always ask for “Robin Red Concentrate”. This is the kiddie!

Robin Red contains a blend of many ingredients but the recipe is a well-guarded secret.

Try adding some Robin Red to your favourite base mix. 25-50g is the recommended amount.

You can see the difference between the dry Trigga on the left and Trigga + Robin Red on the right.

Don’t forget to add still more to the natural attraction provided by Robin Red, by including a dedicated food liquid such as Trigga Liquid.

Mix 225g of Richworth’s Fishmeal Pop-Up Mix, 225g of Trigga and 50g of Robin Red. Add your attractors as required, then and roll out and boil for 2 minutes. Result? A lovely-smelling pop-up hookbait boosted with Robin Red.

Don’t forget, Robin Red can be added to particles such as groats, pellets and soaked boilies to provide extra pulling power to your bait carpet.

Give SuperRed as try as well. It contains the magical red stuff and is one of the best groundbaits/Method mixes you will ever use.

Written by Ken Townley