The Coopers' training programme in Musanze, Rwanda

The Coopers' training programme in Musanze, Rwanda

The Coopers (Professor John E Cooper and Mrs Margaret E Cooper) had been asked to provide veterinary and legal teaching for the hospital (clinic) staff and some invited participants.

Their two-week training programme in Rwanda included formal lectures, practical work (veterinary clinical cases, post-mortem examinations and laboratory investigations) and lively interactive sessions. 

Professor John Cooper lectures and pratical work
Two week training programme in Rwanda

Those featured in the photographs above are Mr Richard Hakiruwemera (biologist), Dr Jean Claude Masengesho (veterinary surgeon/veterinarian), Dr Jean Bosco Turikumwenayo (veterinary surgeon/veterinarian) and Mrs Flora Muragije (Administrative Director).

Further information about the "New Vision Veterinary Hospital" at Musanze can be found  on:

Photographs courtesy of Margaret E Cooper. 

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