Betty the Blackbird

Why Haith's? To make a nature-positive difference.

"Everything we do at Haith's we do to make a positive difference. We create handcrafted bird food daily on-site that is healthy, natural and fresh - it's been Haith's way since 1937. "

Our award-winning bird food is blended daily by Haith's bird seed specialists who have years of expertise hand-crafting seed mixes for wild birds and aviary birds. Every ingredient is super-cleaned and mixed with love because that's what nature deserves. Look out for the Haith's handcrafted stamp on our paper bags - it's your guarantee of goodness.


Our recipes are perfect for bird feeders, bird tables and numerous alternative ways of presenting food to birds; our range will help you and your feathered friends to unlock the maximum enjoyment and health benefits available. It's a reciprocal deal - the birds benefit from a healthy diet, and you get to watch and observe their comings and goings all year round. That's good for the birds, and it's going to be good for you too.

We're all about hand-crafted SuperClean bird food at Haith's, squeezing out every ounce of goodness and ensuring ingredients are safe and nutritous for birds is what we do - each diet we create is made with the love and passion that nature deserves. Only when a bird seed mix achieves its 'handcrafted' status can it receive Haith's handcrafted stamp of approval, which is your 100% risk-free guarantee of goodness or you can claim your money back.
You and your birds are safe with Haith's.