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Haith's Medley bird food for wild birds and wildlife in a Droll Yankee bird feeder.

Haith’s, your trusted expert for premium bird food and bird feeders.

Our passion for avian care is reflected in our expertly crafted bird foods and garden bird feeders, designed to attract and nurture garden and aviary birds.

We create our own unique bird foods, which means we control every stage of their creation. We're the bird food specialists.

Since 1937, Haith’s has been a pioneer in premium bird food, dedicated to enhancing the experience of garden bird enthusiasts. Our extensive range, featuring over 120 specially crafted bird foods, includes high energy sunflower hearts and peanuts, plus nutritious suet, no-mess seed mixes, and mealworms, the perfect bird food for garden birds and ideal safe and superclean bird food for cage & aviary birds. Explore our robust, squirrel-proof bird feeders, elegant bird tables, and versatile feeding stations, all designed to attract a diverse array of garden birds and ensure their well-being. With Haith’s, you’re choosing a legacy of trust and excellence.

You're safe with Haith's!

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Starlings will always eat suet, peanuts and mealworms when offered as bird food for common garden birds.

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Fancy experimenting and finding the best bird food diet for your garden birds? Shop with the most common garden birds in mind and the rest will soon follow...

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  • Haith's handcrafted bird foods for garden birds and cage and aviary birds.

    We Create Our Quality Bird Foods at The Bird Food Centre

    Explore our handcrafted range of bird foods, where every seed mix, from sunflower hearts for birds to our famous no mess bird food, is quality tested to safeguard the diet of every bird that visits your garden. We make all our own bird foods here at The Bird Food Centre in Louth, Lincolnshire, UK. Our wild bird food is crafted to cater to various species, ensuring that all garden visitors, from the tiniest bird in garden UK to the grandest, are well-fed and happy.

  • Goldfinch eating Haith's quality sunflower hearts for garden birds from a Haith's bird feeder.

    Innovative Bird Feeders That Work

    Our bird feeders are designed with both the birds and birdwatchers in mind, providing a clear view of nature's beauty from your window. Choose from a range of bird feeding stations, including traditional wooden bird tables and practical window sill bird feeders, each a portal to the charming world of UK garden birds. If you're not sure where to start with the world of garden bird feeders, read our bird feeder guide.

  • Blue tit emerging from a blue nest box with moss in its beak.

    Quality Nest Boxes

    Explore our carefully designed range of nest boxes, created to offer a secure sanctuary for nesting birds in the garden. Provide wild birds with an inviting shelter and attract a greater variety of feathered visitors to your garden.

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Two port green seed feeder filled with seed mix

The SuperClean Bird Food Promise

At the heart of Haith's philosophy is the 'SuperClean' promise - a commitment to provide bird food that is free from dust, debris, and contaminants. This not only ensures a safer dining experience for garden visitors but also shows Haith's dedication to preserving the natural joy and vitality of our feathered friends.

We believe in giving back to nature, which is why our bird food, suet cakes, and suet pellets are not only a feast for birds but also a step towards supporting the ecosystem. Our small bird feeder options cater to the needs of even the most delicate species, ensuring every bird has a place at the table.

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The Haith's bird food centre in Louth, Lincolnshire, UK where Haith's clean, blend, pack and despatch their bird food for garden birds, cage and aviary birds and bird foods for fishing ingrdeints.

Mission "R" - Our sustainable bird food offering.

We’re doing this because it’s better for Britain’s wildlife. Our birding community wants to know that it's supporting a company that truly cares about birds and the environment. One that doesn't pay lip-service by printing a huge corporate document that’s unlikely to be read, and then not acting on it – we think actions speak louder than words; we think the environment and Britain's beautiful birds are safe with Haith’s.

Our sustainability aims
Buy Budgie Food for budgerigars from Haith's bird seed and food.

Welcome to Haith's Bird Food.

Your go-to source for exceptional bird food. Our extensive collection of bird seeds is tailored to cater to the unique nutritional needs of various bird species, from garden birds and wildlife to budgies and canaries to finches and parrot food. We meticulously formulate each seed blend to ensure your birds receive the best in terms of health and vitality, and we've this since 1937. Read the cage and aviary bird food blog to find out more.

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Robin Red bird food carp fishing ingredients direct from Haith's or an approved Robin Red bait firm in the UK or EU.

Bird Food Ingredients for Fishing.

Browse and buy Haith's bird foods - including the world-famous Robin Red - and make your own fishing boilies (and save money), groundbaits and base mixes. To access hints, tips and free bait-making recipes and advice, read our carp fishing blog posts.

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