The Bird Food Centre

Our exciting future.

Announcing our plan to hand over even more commercial space to nature. In nature, nothing stands still, and the same can be said of Haith’s, too, because when it comes to becoming a more sustainable bird food company, we refuse to rest on our laurels as we owe it to wildlife to become the best bird food company we can be. 


To make a positive difference. 

At Haith’s, that means:

  • Being here for you, for the birds and nature, and each other
  • Creating the finest, hand-crafted, super-clean bird diets in Britain
  • Handing over more commercial space to nature
  • Keeping our team connected with the natural world
  • Creating a working environment that inspires people to grow and feel respected
  • Squeezing out the maximum goodness of each ingredient
  • Challenging ourselves to be more sustainable every day (we call this Mission "R).

We need a new home to help us deliver all of the commitments outlined above, which is why we’re excited to announce that we are moving. We’ll be sharing more about “Project 3.0” over the coming months.

Other great reasons for our move:

  • We’ll be including several ponds to be even more wildlife-friendly
  • We’ll be planting native trees to attract invertebrates, support our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and create a habitat for nature and colleagues to feel more interconnected
  • We’ll be creating research and development strips of land to understand how to get the maximum goodness from each ingredient we use
  • We’ll be building a green-roof bike shelter
  • We’ll be adding electric vehicle chargers
  • Wildflower and perennial planting will be encouraged, which offers a low maintenance planting scheme that will flood the site with colour and actively encourage insects and wildlife
  • Extensive grasses, water gardens, ponds, and tree planting will create habitats for wildlife, not usually found in locations like this.