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Discover a Fulfilment Centre Committed to Sustainability and Nature.

At Haiths, we integrate over 80 years of experience with a strong commitment to sustainability, offering a unique fulfilment solution that prioritises the environment.

Our Sustainable Practices:

  • Renewable Energy: 100% renewable electricity powers our operations.
  • Plastic Reduction: Over 90% reduction in single-use plastics.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: We deliver more orders in recyclable packaging.
  • Electric Fleet: Our fleet includes electric cars with installed EV chargers.
  • Natural Lighting: Efficient roof-lights utilise natural daylight, enhancing team well-being and reducing energy consumption.
  • Modern building: Built to energy efficient status, including air source heating, grey water harvesting (for ponds), modern insulation, LED lighting. 

Mission ‘R’ Initiatives:

  • Reduce: Focus on energy conservation and centralised operations to reduce road miles.
  • Re-use: Recycle cardboard and upcycle office equipment.
  • Recycle: Implement comprehensive waste separation and recycling programs.


  • 360 degree CCTV system; High spec fire alarm and 360 degree security system plus palisade permiter fencing.

The Haith's fulfilment centre, Lincolnshire, Louth, UK

Artist's impression (2022):

The Haith's bird food and fulfilment centre in Louth, Lincolnshire UK

Making nature-positive progress (May 2024):

Haith's fulfilment centre and pond for nature, wildlife and to improve biodiversity.

Unlike the typical 3PL offering, we're committed to hand back commercial space to nature via wildlife ponds and a planting scheme to encourage wildlife and provide food, shelter and a place for nature to thrive.

Our building is designed to keep colleagues "connected to nature" because this is better for their mental health. We’re certain these positive differences will dramatically improve the biodiversity of our nature-based fulfilment centre. 

We hold a Soil Association Organic accreditation registration certificate which we are proud to promote. We are also Export Champions with Northern Powerhouse.

We are more than just a Fulfilment Centre and can offer our services to support contact centres with our Team of experienced Customer Champions.


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To learn more about our services, please reach out to Andrea Parratt, our Fulfilment Centre Manager, at or 01507 311709.

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Champion budgie breeder Chris snell planting Eucalyptus tree at Haith's


At Haith’s, we believe in making a nature-positive impact through our business operations. The Naturespace Planting Scheme is our commitment to fostering greener spaces where wildlife can thrive and flourish - not just for nature, but also for our team. Engaging with this program allows colleagues to stay connected with nature, enhancing well-being and job satisfaction. We've been supplying nutrition for nature since 1937, and now we’re extending that into our commercial space around our newly built HQ. Typically, we in the UK overlook our commercial footprint as a place to welcome nature, but we’re on course to map out how business and nature can work alongside each other in an industrial setting. If this resonates with the way you manage your brand, feel free to contact us and find out more about our 3PL offering.

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