Nature podcast: Naturespace with Haith's

Nature podcast - Naturespace with Haith's wild bird food talking about all things nature and the natural world.
Introducing a new nature podcast: Naturespace with Haith's.
We may not realise it, but nature affects everything - our economy, social framework, health and existence. The natural world is infinite: the animals, rivers and oceans, the food we consume, the rainwater that irrigates crops and the air we breathe. However, the natural world is on its back foot... (we watch David Attenborough too!). There is no Planet B, which means making space for natural history in our busy lives at home or in a commercial setting. Haith's is a bird food company on a mission to make a positive difference - interviews are by Simon King (Haith's director), Prod. Ed King (Haith's). 
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Introducing Naturespace with Haith's: 

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