Wayne Maltby Catch

Catch report

The bigger of 5 commons landed on a 36 hour session on my local syndicate.

One 21-4 the other 22-7 and both fell to short stick rigs with sticky sharp curve shank hooks tied KD style. The stick mix made with Grandad Teds Poultry Spice mix with Liquid Robin Red as the binder, and a 15mm CC Moore Pacific Tuna wafter on the hair. There were very few other fish on the bank that weekend proving that the small but effective edges can be the difference between failure and success.

Its Easy.......!

Wayne Matlby
Wayne Maltby catch

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Written by Wayne Maltby

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Hi , if you want my regular catch reports , home and abroad you are most welcome. Been using your products now for a long time. Regards Dave .

David oliver

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