Fishing Holiday to Etang Max

Fishing Holiday to Etang Max

Haiths team members not only clean and handcraft our superior bait mixes, but also try them out on their annual fishing holidays.

Lee, a Haith’s team member for over twenty years has recently just come back to work after a fishing holiday in France with his son.

The week commencing 17th August 2022 saw the father and son team fly out to Etang Max.

This fishing facility is owned by an English couple who relocated to this area in France.

They even kindly picked up Lee, and Reagan and his mate Owen from the airport so their fishing holiday could begin straight away.

Lee has been fishing for around 30 years and even he was surprised on how well he did using haiths baits.

Lee used Dynamite Baits' Robin Red boilies, and the results speak for themselves. Within two days a common carp was caught and landed, weighing 30 lb by Lee.

Lee was very pleased with this and looked forward to his weeks fishing, feeling very excited.

His son Reagan and his mate decided to try night fishing and to their amazement within a few hours they both landed a Mirror Carp each at around 41 and 42 lb


Used Dynamite Baits Robin Red Boilies

Trophy shot - caught using Haith's Bait's ingredients

Reagan has had a passion for fishing since he was nine years old, said his dad Lee.

After landing these weighty fish the three of them had a break and turned into tourists, they took a trip to Oradure – Sur - Glane where on the 10th June 1944, 643 civilians were massacred by German Troops. This sobering trip was very interesting and something that Lee and his son will never forget.

After their trip to Etang Max a couple of more fishing days commenced but it was soon time to return to the UK and back to work for Lee.

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Written by Chris

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