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  • We believe Robin Red with natural colouring food to be every bit as effective as the original Robin Red* as a fishing bait.
  • This is the new Robin Red® (UK/EU) made by Haith’s. It can be used in bait, groundbait, hookbaits, and liquids.
  • Hook baits made with genuine Robin Red® (UK/EU)
  • Boilies made with genuine Robin Red® (UK/EU).
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ROBIN RED® for natural colouring.

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We believe Robin Red with natural colouring food to be every bit as effective as the original Robin Red*

This is the new All-Natural version of our legendary Robin Red. You might be wondering why we have now offered this new development? Well, it's all down to the Food Standards Agency's recently introduced legislation, which limits the use of non-natural ingredients in animal feed. This has resulted in an insistence that recreational fishing bait/groundbait be classified as ‘Animal Feed’ within the UK/EU. In effect this has forced the Industry to source only natural foods to produce colour. In other words, all ingredients must feature on the UK/EU Register of Feed Additives.

Thankfully, Haith’s has been working for over five years on a research and development project to source suitable non-synthetic colouring agents to protect and even to enhance the performance of our famous carp bait ingredients such as Robin Red, along with Red Factor, SuperRed and the other Green, Gold and Orange Robins. The new ingredients were extensively field tested over a two-year trial period, and the results on these totally natural products have been excellent. We now believe that it’s possible to move across to our more natural formulae for those products that previously contained synthetic dyes.

 This new Robin Red UK/EU supplements the range and should be used in exactly the same way as the original, namely at a level of 10% of the total base mix recipe. You will not discern any detectable difference in attraction but may note that this new Robin Red produces a slightly browner tinge to the bait rather than the obvious red colouration that was a strong characteristic of the original.

We believe Robin Red with natural colouring is every bit as effective as the original Robin Red and it can be used in boiled bait base mixes, in ground bait, hook baits, liquids, and can be labelled as a complementary feed for fish because it meets UK/EU regulations for animal feed.

But don't take our word for it: here's Ian Moore boss of bait company CC Moore: "During tests undertaken in association with Haith’s, CC Moore & Co Ltd found Robin Red® (UK/EU) to be at least as effective as an ingredient when compared to the original Robin Red."

    Complementary feed for fish.

    Analytical constituents:

    Oil A: 13.03%
    Crude Protein: 11.1%
    Crude Fibre: 13.1%
    Dry Matter: 93.8%
    Moisture: 6.2%
    Ash: 5.5%
    Total Oil: 13.56%
    Starch: 3.2%

    Composition: Capsicum, Red Beet Extract, Sucrose, Vegetable oil, Maltodextrin

    *Comment on colour for finished baits: a little less 'blood red' in colour than Robin Red original and a slightly more natural 'rust brown' instead.

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    colin Southern
    Great meal

    Just the job for my carp bait

    Hi Colin, thank you for the review. We would love to see photos of your catch if you get the chance.