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What Do Robins Eat? A Comprehensive Guide to Their Diet

Robins are a welcome sight in any garden. They're associated with Christmas and the winter months though are resident year round. Both female and male have a bright (almost) identical red breast - making them easy to identify as Robins. And once you've identified one the next question is, what do Robins eat?

Image of a robin sat on a branch

A Robin's 'natural' diet consists of insects and juicy earthworms. Which is why they're never far away if you're doing anything in the garden which involves digging. They know it won't be long before an earthworm or two appears.

Mealworms have become the supplementary bird food offering of choice for Robins. And these are available direct from Haith's as either live or dried. Soak dried mealworms before feeding to introduce a little moisture or, feed as they are. They're high in energy, clean, odourless and an inexpensive live food. Be patient and Robins could be eating mealworms out of your hand.

Suet’s an excellent source of energy and ours contains high-quality seeds you can see. For example, Robins love our High-Energy Suet Cakes. Feed them from a suet feast holder or crumble a few up on the bird table. The industrious Robin will soon find them.

Peanuts are another firm favourite of the Robin. High in calories and oils, they are irresistible as the temperature drops and winter sets in. Peanut Granules are the perfect alternative should you not wish to feed the whole nut. Always buy your peanuts from a reputable supplier as they can be high in a natural toxin which is harmful to birds. Haith’s peanuts are always tested for aflatoxin – so you can be sure that your birds are safe with Haith’s.

Natural food sources will help Robins too. A spindle tree will provide berries and attract tiny insects. Halved fruits such as pears, apples and plums left on the bird table will make a splendid meal for frugiverous (fruit eating) birds.

Our nutritious soft food Fat Robin is blended with high-energy suet pellets and premium quality Sunflower Hearts. Feeding this bird food will soon prove that a Robin isn't just for Christmas!

In the winter, British Robins are joined by continental birds, mostly from Scandinavia, thus increasing our Robin population, therefore they need our help more than ever before.

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Written by Angela and Chris

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