Nature Walk Checklists

Have a wild adventure with our nature checklists

Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with our nature walk checklists! Rain or
shine, these checklists will help you be prepared for the wonders of nature.

No matter if it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, our checklists will make sure
you have an amazing nature experience that all your friends will want to be a part of.

Join us for a walk in nature and get ready for your senses to come alive! When you come
back home, you can talk about all the exciting things you saw with your family and friends. Let's have fun exploring together!

 Nature walk checklists are super helpful because they:

1. Ask you a question to get you thinking deeper about nature.

2. Provide season-specific items to look out for.

3. Make your walk more exciting: Checking things off your list as you find them can feel like a fun game!

So, grab your checklist, gather your friends and family, and let's head out for an awesome nature walk!

Take a walk in nature with us and all of your senses will awaken, then when you return home, discuss what you have seen with your family and friends. Have fun exploring!


See how many things you can spot in Jett's summer checklist!


Can you find everything in Jett's autumn checklist?


Wrap up and head outside this frosty season to try and find everything on Jett's winter checklist.


Take in the beauty of spring with Jett, in this seasonal checklist.

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