Bird Food Subscription Service

Nourish the Birds, Nurture Nature

Join Haith's subscription service for quality bird foods and SAVE MONEY plus be a part of our conservation mission to feed healthy bird diets to Britain's beautiful birds.

Welcome to Haith's, where every seed sows a future for our feathered friends.

Our subscription bird food service isn't just about delivering top quality nourishment to your garden visitors; it's a commitment to the bigger picture - bird conservation and biodiversity. With each delivery, you're not only feeding the birds but also contributing to a movement that cherishes and protects them.

  • 1. Choose your plan

    Take the reins of your subscription. Select your preferred bird food on a monthly plan. Feel free to pause or cancel your subscription whenever you wish, ensuring complete flexibility. Our plans are tailored to fit your lifestyle and pocket!

  • 2. We'll blend & send the bird food

    Receive your garden bird food right at your doorstep, every month and save money in the process. Should you ever find yourself running low ahead of time, you can easily place a top up order online or call us as normal.

  • 3. Get ready to feed & watch the birds

    Relax and delight in the array of visitors gracing your garden, secure in the knowledge that your efforts are supporting garden wildlife. By providing for your feathered guests, you're ensuring their happiness and health all year round.

Bird Food Subscription Service FAQ'S

Why should I use a subscription?

Opting for a subscription means you'll receive our products delivered to your door every month without fail. We keep your payment information safely stored to ensure each transaction for the scheduled delivery is smooth and hassle free. This service guarantees that your bird feeders will never be empty, ensuring your feathered friends are always well-fed.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Your subscription will renew automatically at the end of its duration. If you decide you do not wish to continue with the service, you're free to cancel before the renewal date. Once an order under subscription has been processed, cancelling it might not be straightforward, but you can always apply for a refund. Please consult our returns policy for detailed guidance on how to proceed with returns and refunds.

What happens if any items are temporarily unavailable?

We make fresh batches of our SuperClean™ bird food every day right here in our facilities. On the off chance that the item you've subscribed to or any additional products are not available momentarily, we might send your order in separate packages, which could result in a minor delay. Should this occur, our Customer Service Team will be in touch to keep you informed.

What if I want to order different items other than the subscription?

This is completely manageable. You can mix subscription items with one-time purchase products in your shopping basket, and you'll find both listed in your order summary. Items not part of the subscription will be considered one-off purchases, meaning they will be billed and despatched just once, rather than on a recurring basis.


Subscription Cancellation/Service Policy

When you opt for a subscription, you're signing up for regular monthly deliveries. Your payment details are securely stored for seamless transactions, and charges occur with each scheduled delivery.

Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of their term. Should you prefer to avoid renewal, you can cancel at any time. Managing your subscription is convenient through the links provided in your order confirmation emails. For further details on returns and refunds, please refer to our returns policy.

If your subscription order has already been fulfilled, cancellation isn't always possible, but you're welcome to request a refund. Refer to our returns policy for comprehensive information on returns and refunds.

Product Availability: Our commitment is to despatch goods promptly, aiming for same-day processing for orders completed by 1 pm. Unlike many competitors, we freshly prepare batches of SuperClean™ bird food daily in house. Occasionally, despatch may take a little longer, particularly when awaiting fresh ingredients from our esteemed suppliers.

In the unlikely scenario where your subscribed product or any additional items are temporarily unavailable, your order may arrive in separate parcels, causing a slight delay. Our Customer Service Team will notify you of any event.

Subscription products adhere
strictly to their descriptions and are non-transferable.

Subscriptions are exclusively available for online purchases.

By selecting a subscription product, you confirm your acceptance of Haith's Terms &