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Try our nature activities with your family and friends

Through reading our blogs and free activity posters, you will learn many new things that will encourage you to become a true nature detective! From going on a walk in your local park to spending time at the beach, we’ll provide you with all the best tips.

For parents, carers and teachers, enjoy reading our informative blogs on all things children, family and nature! We hope you’ll be inspired to get outside with the children in your life for some quality time in nature.

Our posters can be printed off or used for information. Whichever way you choose to use them, we hope you have lots of fun with your family and friends.

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    • Teach the little ones in your life how to love nature at an early age.

    • Bond with nature and make amazing memories. Read here.

    • Learn about the importance of nature and children from a parent's perspective.

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    • Collecting seashells, spotting seagulls and enjoying an ice cream are just some of the many joys of venturing out to the seaside. Read more here.

    • Make special memories with your little ones with a great fishing trip!

    • Read about a nature-filled trip to Leeds Castle, filled with ducks, squirrels and wild birds!

    • Explore Christmas time with nature, as a family.

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    • Discover ways you and the family can get creative with pinecones in our new blog, Pinecones - A Symbol of Autumn.

    • Read about the benefits of upcycling and get inspiration for your next upcycling project!

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