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British Finch Mix
John Barnes (Carlisle, GB)
John Barnes

Service and quality. First-class


This birdfood (with some mealworms mixed in)together with the unnetted fatballs will bankrupt me they are so popular with our garden birds.
Highly recommended.

Hello, many thanks for your review. This mix is certainly a popular choice for the garden birds! We're glad they're enjoying it.

Premium Wild Bird Food (Wheat Free)
Alison Rowell (Grimsby, GB)
Good value

The birds love this seed they eat the big seeds first and later come back for the smaller seeds, thus eating the lot.

Hello Alison, thank you for this review. It's wonderful that this mix is well enjoyed by the birds in your garden.

Foreign Finch Mixture
Paul Crawley (Farnborough, GB)
No complaints.

Finches love the blend of seeds . Always coming back for more.

Hello Paul, thank you for this review. This is great to hear!

Medley *New* - Super Bird Food Blend
Paul Crawley (Lightwater, GB)
Ideal mix

Birds love it .

Hello Paul, many thanks for this great review.

Fat Feast With Berry *New*
Joanna (Lambeth, GB)
Fat Feast with Berry

I have two magpies enjoying the fat feast with berry as we speak. The fat does seem quite soft so I tend to put it in the fridge overnight so as to make it last longer.

Hi Joanna. Thank you for your review. We're so happy to hear that your magpies are enjoying our Fat Feast with Berry! We understand your concern about the softness of the fat, and we're glad to know that putting it in the fridge overnight helps it last longer.

Coco Fat Feeder
Joanna (Lambeth, GB)
Coco Fat Suet Feeder

I have a large variety of birds come to my feeders. The coco fat suet feeder is enjoyed by blue ****, great ****, starlings and great spotted woodpecker. However the suet sometimes falls out of the shell before it is finished.

Hi Joanna thank you for your review! We are glad to hear that the Coco Fat Suet Feeder is a hit with a variety of birds, including blue tits, great tits, starlings, and great spotted woodpeckers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the suet falling out of the shell and will make sure to pass this feedback along to our team. Happy bird watching!

BRAVO! Budgie Seed™
Rob Gould (Barnet, GB)
My little one loves it!

Been introducing it slowly over the last couple of weeks to his regular feed and this always goes first!

Hello Rob, thank you for leaving this great review.

Bullfinch Mix
Simon Grove (Fulham, GB)
My New Visitors

Just recently had a pair of Bull Finches visit my garden, the first I’ve seen in 20 years!! So going the extra mile to keep them coming!!

Hello Simon, thank you for your review. That is fantastic news! We hope our Bullfinch Mix keeps them coming back.

Berry & Insect Suet Pellet Combo
Linda (Villafranca di Verona, IT)
Birds love it.

Could do with bigger bag options

Hello Linda, thank you for your review. I will certainly pass your comments on.

Original Wild Bird Food
Linda (Villafranca di Verona, IT)
Birds love this mix

Unfortunately it is too good. I have to fill the feeders up far more often now.

Hello Linda, many thanks for your review. We are glad the garden birds are enjoying this mix.

Peanuts for Birds - Premium Quality
Linda (Villafranca di Verona, IT)
Excellent quality

Freshest peanuts we’ve had for a long time

Hello Linda, thank you for your review. This is great to hear!

Fledge™ Bird Food- Optimal foraging
alison elves (Jarrow, GB)
all birds love this

i've reordered this food because my bird family jest increases .. starlings blackbirds robins blud **** cosl tiits and ldquirrel alongsiide jackdaws
every animal loves it 🥰

Hello Alison, thank you for your review. It is so lovely that this mix is bringing many species to your garden.

BRAVO! Budgie Seed™
DH 72yrs (Tamworth, GB)

I don't have budgies, but the many common birds that visit my feeder tray containing the 'budgie' seed love it and return for more. They look very healthy!

Hello. Thank you for your review.
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience about our Budgie BRAVO! We are thrilled to hear that even though you don't have budgies, the common garden birds that visit your feeder tray absolutely love the seed mix.

Rearing food

Excellent product would highly recommend it

Thank you so much for your kind review! We are thrilled to hear that the birds are enjoying our Rearing & Conditioning Food™ for Budgie & Canary Breeding and rearing, and are happy to be a part of your bird breeding journey. Thanks again for choosing our product.

Sunflower Hearts for garden birds
David (Llanybydder, GB)
Great quality and service!

Nice, clean, fresh, sunflower hearts. appreciated by many of our feathered friends and the squirrel

Hello David, thank you for your review. The Sunflower Hearts can attract a wide variety of garden birds and even the squirrels too.

Tip Top Budgie Seed
lin Carrington (Amsterdam, NL)
Brilliant quality

Lovely quality . Birds love it

Hello Lin, Thank you for your review, that's great news so pleased it is a very good mix

Top attracter robin red

Been using haiths products for a long while
And always give it some robin red

Hello Robert, many thanks for your review and for the great picture you've shared of your boilies.


Sparrows, starlings, jackdaws, rooks all compete in a daily blitzkrieg on a four perch feeder whose contents barely last the day. A most effective food.

Hello David, many thanks for your review. We are pleased to hear that the mix works so well in your garden.

Softbill Food™ for Songbirds
Liz Egerton (Manchester, GB)
Our birds not fans

Sadly the birds in our garden don’t like this at all. It’s the only thing left on the bird tables at the end of the day. I felt I was getting them a treat but it was an expensive mistake.

Hi Liz, many thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear this mix hasn't worked in your garden. If you'd like to send over your details to our team on they will be able to discuss this with you.

Condition Seed - No Rape
anthony donaldson (Gateshead, GB)
Condition Seed

Disappointed with conditioning seed too much linseed and no anniseed oil

Hello, Anthony. Many thanks for your review. Please be assured that we will pass your comments on to our development team.

Ring-Pull Seed Feeder
Ian Harris (Bath, GB)
A very good feeder.

A very good bird feeder, because only the little finches can feed fron it rather than the jackdaws

Hi Ian, many thanks for your lovely review.

Great British Suet Balls (no nets)
Sue Culling (South Benfleet, GB)

Tried other types but the birds love these! The young ones line up on the fence waiting for the parents to feed them. Think they must be adolescents as the parents look smaller (and more straggly) than their young. So funny to watch. They eat 10 a day and would eat more given more I think.

Hello Sue, many thanks for your review.

Ronald Blanks (Ropley, GB)

I mix groats to my canarie mix when feeding young in the nest it gives them more protein old and young.

Hello Ronald, many thanks for your review.

Standard-sized 2-port feeder

I ordered this standard-sized 2-port feeder to add to others, so that I can always have two 'in action', and two being thoroughly cleaned and dried, ready to swap every other week. They are good quality, and survive being occasionally knocked off their hooks by the starling mobs!

Hello Vivienne, thank you for this lovely review. It is great to hear that this feeder is working well for you and your garden birds.

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