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Discover the incredible advantages of incorporating a squirrel-proof bird feeder into your garden. If you're an avid bird feeder, you've likely encountered the presence of squirrels, who often snatch away food and even wreak havoc on plastic feeders. While some may attempt to appease them with dedicated squirrel feeders filled with peanuts, it often falls short. So, what's the solution? Embrace a squirrel-resistant bird feeder as your next line of defence!

Anti-Squirrel bird feeders

Choose a squirrel-resistant bird feeder from a diverse range of options available. Our feeders vary in shapes and sizes, with some featuring protective cages that prevent squirrels from accessing the seed reserves. The most a squirrel can do is nibble at the feeder cage itself, discouraging them from obtaining the food. Over time, the squirrel will likely search for alternative sources of nourishment. 

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

Alternatively, squirrel-resistant feeders without cages may not prevent squirrels from nibbling on the food, but they are typically constructed using materials like stainless steel or powder-coated steel, effectively eliminating any damage caused.

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Collection



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  • Where should I place my squirrel proof feeder?

    Position your squirrel proof bird feeders at least 10 feet away from trees, fences, or any structures that squirrels can use as launching pads. Ideally, bird feeders should be placed on a smooth, tall pole with a squirrel baffle, making it more challenging for squirrels to climb.

  • A brown and yellow bottle of Hot Nuts Squirrel Deterrent Spray, with a black spray nozzle.

    Squirrel Deterrent Spray

    Our Hot Nuts Squirrel Deterrent Spray is a ready-to-use, natural, and humane repellent that can be applied to bird tables, nut feeders, and suet balls. The spray's spicy scent and taste will deter squirrels without harming them or your garden birds.

  • Spicy Seed Mixes:

    Some bird food blends are treated with hot pepper extract, like our hot pepper suet cake, which is unpalatable to squirrels but doesn't affect birds. Experimenting with spicy seed mixes can be another way to deter squirrels.

  • Feeding domes:

    Feeding domes like our Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding Dome provide a protective barrier for ground-feeding birds. These domes are designed to prevent squirrels and larger birds from accessing the feed while allowing smaller garden birds to feed in peace.

Squirrel trying to get into peanut feeder

Benefits of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel proof bird feeders provide several advantages for bird enthusiasts. They help protect bird food from being eaten by squirrels, ensure that your bird feeders last longer, and allow you to enjoy the company of garden birds without worrying about squirrel interference.

How do I prevent squirrels?

While squirrel proof bird feeders are a great solution to prevent squirrels from stealing bird food, there are other tools and best practices to further deter these pesky animals from your bird feeding area:

Haith's Squirrel Feeder - Snack Box, a dedicated feeder to deter squirrels from eating from feeders designed for garden birds.

Should I feed the squirrels?

Providing a separate feeding area - such as a squirrel snack box - for squirrels with squirrel mix or other food they prefer can sometimes help to keep them away from your bird feeders.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder FAQs

What types of squirrel proof bird feeders are available?

We offer various squirrel proof bird feeders, including caged designs like our Squirrel Resistant Cage Bird Seed Feeder and Squirrel Resistant Cage Peanut Feeder, and durable designs such as the Heavy-Duty Seed Feeder. You can also opt for one of our innovative ground feeding solutions like the Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding Dome. 

How do I maintain a squirrel proof bird feeder?

Squirrel proof bird feeders should be cleaned regularly to ensure birds' health. Depending on the design, you may need to disassemble the feeder for cleaning. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance.

Can I use any type of bird food in a squirrel proof bird feeder?

Most squirrel proof bird feeders can accommodate a variety of bird foods, including seeds, suet, and peanuts. However, it's essential to choose the right food for the bird species you want to attract.

Will a squirrel proof bird feeder deter other animals?

Squirrel proof bird feeders are designed primarily to deter squirrels. However, some designs may also discourage larger birds or other animals from accessing the bird food.

How do I choose the best location for my squirrel proof bird feeder?

Choose a location that is easily visible from your home, away from trees or structures that could allow squirrels to jump onto the feeder, and with enough space for birds to comfortably approach and feed.