Bag Size Guide - Buy Bird Food in Bulk and Save Money

To help you decide which bag weight to buy, here's some object context to help you get to grips with our weights:

Things you might have at home 

Approx. weight 


x 1 pineapple. 

Approx. 1kg (2.2 pounds). 


x 12 apples.

Approx. 2kg (4.4 pounds). 


x 1 pumpkin. 

Approx. 5kg (11.02 pounds). 

 x 1 medium-sized dog (with glasses). 

Approx. 12.75kg (28.1 pounds). 
x 20 bags of sugar. 
Approx. 20kg (44.09 pounds). 


How our feed more birds for less price promise works best for you: 

There's a simple rule of thumb when it comes to buying bird food from Haith's: the bigger the bag, the greater the saving - which means you can feed more birds Haith's high-quality bird food for less when you buy bird seed in bulk. 

Take for example, our Original Wild Bird Food:

 Product   Weight   Price £   Price per KG 
Original Wild Bird Food 2kg £5.49 £2.75
Original Wild Bird Food 5kg £9.99 £2.00
Original Wild Bird Food 12.75kg £17.99 £1.41
Original Wild Bird Food 20kg £27.95 £1.40 
Original Wild Bird Food 40kg (2 x 20kg bags) £53.66 £1.34 Best buy


The 40kg would put you into the free delivery (orders over £35) category so you'd save an additional £3.95.

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Please note: The above prices are example prices and do not reflect the current product price