UK & EU Stockist Locator | Robin Red & Haith's fishing ingredients

Check the official Robin Red® and Haith's ingredients stockists and manufacturers that use our products in the UK and EU. 

We supply high-quality ingredients to the world’s leading fishing bait manufacturers. Our most famous ingredient Robin Range, one of carp fishing’s leading ingredients - used by carp fishing lehends since the 1970s.

Verify who's using our genuine ingredients. Please contact if you can't find a company on the list that's selling goods containing Robin Red as our list of stockists is growing all the time.

If you'd like to become an approved stockist of Haith's ingredients and use our high-quality ingredients and intellectual property to market your range, find out more here​
 Country Stockist URL
UK Haith's
Dynamite Baits
CC Moore & Co
Bare Baits
Orion Carp Baits
DT Baits
John Baker Products
Karper Bait
Nutrabaits International
Blake Pet Foods and Fishing Ltd
A J Baits
Carp A Diem Baits
Ourons Ltd
Rollin Baits
Handcraft Baits
Retro Baits
Premier Baits
Jh Baits
H.G Gladwell & Sons Ltd

Trent Baits
Austria MM Bait Service AT
Boilie Maschine
Boilie & More
Carp's Kitchen
Belgium Original Fishing Baits
Belgium Trackers Baits

KB Boiliedraaiserve
Croatia JU-DO D.O.O
Baits Infinity
Czechia Mikbaits
Macerata S.R.O

Hobby G.S.R.O
Denmark Northern Baits APS
France Amorces Brand
Kowa Baits
Poseidon Particles

Sensas S.A
Germany Bait Service Straubing E.K
Common baits
King Baits
Sport Freizeitshop Jung
Hungary Baitbait.HU
Kubitransker kft

Italy J.C.C SAS
True Eat
Mondo Carpa
Over Carp SRL
Prezoo SNC
Carp Lab
LV Baits
Netherlands Haka Tackle 
Pioneer Baits
FeedStimulants Feedstimulants - Top quality carp bait ingredients for carp fishing
Poland Invader Krzemianowski
Massive Marcin Kulig

Ultimate Products

Sp. z o. o

Ultimate Products – Sklep Firmowy
Romania High Performance Baits
Myon Baits SRL
CPK Carp & More SRL

SC Wildlife Concept SRL
SC Dudi Bait SRL D
Doctor Fishing SRL
Slovakia Qantica S.R.O
Kapsa Carp
Amima S.R.O
Spain Pro Elite Baits International SL