Daily Exercise for Birds: How to Encourage Natural Activity in Your Garden

Daily Exercise for Birds: How to Encourage Natural Activity in Your Garden

It is another sunny day here in Lincolnshire and I set off for my once a day daily exercise.

Spring is in full swing now as the blossom trees are starting to shed their petals all over the ground such a pretty site.

As I look over the Wolds, I can see the beautiful views that surround my village, and I look around for what wildlife may be lurking about. I sometimes see the odd rabbit hopping around in and out the bushes overlooking the fields. There also seems to be a lot of bees this time of year, buzzing about in and out of the gardens.

Open field in Lincolnshire

It is so peaceful and all I can hear is the different sounds coming from the birds as they fly from tree to tree. I try and make out which bird is which but it’s hard to separate one chirp from another, but whether it be a, Robin, Blackbird, Wren or swallow they are all singing quite happily their joyful little songs and ‘What a delight’.

Tree with pigeon on branch.

As I stroll from lane to lane I take note what bird feeders and tables are displayed in the gardens and if they are all topped up with bird seed which many of them are, I have even seen quite a few hanging from the odd tree.

Blossom tree with hanging bird feeders.

I enjoy my walks each day and love to see what nature has to offer it is something we must appreciate and not take for granted.

Walk way opening on to field in Lincolnshire.

I am now on the home stretch as I must get back so I can start my working from home day for Haiths.

Written by Tina Jakes


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