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At Haith's, we understand the distinctive dietary preferences and
nutritional requirements of each bird species. That's why we've meticulously organised our bird food selection into specialised categories, ensuring effortless navigation to meet the diverse needs of your garden birds

Welcome to our exclusive section where bird food transcends its conventional role, evolving into a vital element in nurturing every avian visitor gracing your verdant sanctuary. With our intuitive categorisation system, you can seamlessly explore our vast array of bird food offerings, guaranteeing optimal selection to cater to your avian companions.

Haith's takes pride in offering a premium range of bird food products meticulously tailored to meet the unique nutritional demands of various garden bird species. From our carefully blended seed mixes to nutritious suet delicacies, each
product is thoughtfully curated to deliver the essential nutrients and energy vital for birds' overall wellbeing.

Whether you're catering to the discerning tastes of finches and sparrows or inviting the majestic presence of robins and blackbirds, our garden bird categories streamline the process of finding the perfect food for your garden birds. With Haith's, you can confidently provide top-quality nourishment that ensures your garden birds remain healthy, content, and eager to return.

Explore our comprehensive selection of garden bird categories below, where you'll uncover a plethora of delectable and nutritious bird food options. With Haith's, feeding your avian visitors becomes not only a simple task but also a rewarding
experience that fosters a deeper connection with nature. Take your bird feeding routine to new heights by shopping now and delighting in the joy of nurturing your garden birds with the finest bird food offerings available.



Robins & Songbirds: Uncover blends teeming with the seeds and insects beloved by these melodious visitors.

Finches & Sparrows: Seek out the fine seeds and grains that entice these delightful birds.

Tit Family: Delve into suet and nut-rich options ideal for these lively nibblers.

Why Opt for Our Bird Food?

Superior Quality: Exclusively the finest, most nourishing ingredients.

Varied Range: Accommodate a multitude of garden birds with specialised blends.

Conservation Minded: Every purchase aids UK birdlife and their habitats.

Join our endeavour to feed and safeguard the diverse bird population in your garden. With our expertly chosen bird food, watch as your garden becomes a thriving, joyous avian retreat.

Nourish the birds, cultivate nature’s symphony.

Shop for bird food by garden bird FAQs.

Which bird species are attracted to specific types of bird food?

Different bird species are attracted to specific foods. For instance, robins and blackbirds favour mealworms, while finches and tits are attracted to Sunflower Hearts and suet.

Are there ways to minimize waste or promote sustainability while feeding birds?

Minimizing spillage, using bird feeders with trays to catch seeds, and offering small portions reduce waste and promote sustainability in bird feeding practices. Or shop our no-mess seeds such as our, Huskfree Advance Bird Food