Photo of Ken Townley holding a large carp at night

Winter Conundrums: Solving Common Fishing Challenges in Cold Weather

Here are some tips for winter fishing. 

Photo of a carp's mouth with a hook in with a boilie attached

Keep to the rig that has worked for you during the rest of the year. If it works well in summer it will work just as well in winter. Try balanced bottom baits in the winter. A snowman set up as shown here is a great starting point. You don't necessarily want a hookbait that stands up off the bottom. 

Photo of fishing rods stretching out into lake

Fish running leads on slack lines (Fluoro or sinking braid ONLY!!!). You need to know as soon as a carp mouths the bait, something that isn’t necessarily the case with helicopter rigs, in-line leads or safety clips. 

Photo of a running lead fishing bait

 A running lead gives you the best indication of a take at your end and every pick-up count when it’s freezing cold! 

Photo of a fisherman on the lakeside at dusk

Small waters are easier to fish in winter than big ones. If you are going to pit your wits against big-pit carp in winter, you are going to have to work doubly hard at getting your location skills honed to a fine edge.

Don’t listen to those who will tell you to avoid fishmeals during winter; they work brilliantly!   

Photo of a fisherman on the lakeside at dawn with a row of fishing rods

Put the bulk of your free offerings into the lake when you leave, not when you arrive. 

Have a Carpy New Year. 

Photo of Ken Townley holding a large carp at night

Written by Ken Townley

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