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  • Niger Seed is a fine, free-flowing oil-rich seed that needs to be fed from a special Niger feeder
  • Goldfinches will love Niger Seed
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Niger Seed for wild birds

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Long-Tailed Tit, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Siskin

 Niger Seed

Bird food available in bulk weights up to 20 kg

Our SuperClean Niger Seed is a thing of beauty to Goldfinches and Siskins.  

We've been supplying Niger Seed since the 1930s when its unique tonic properties were well renowned within the bird-keeping world and were one of the first companies to pioneer feeding Niger Seed to wild birds. It's a fine, free-flowing oil-rich seed that needs to be fed from a special Niger feeder. We have a range of feeders at our Bird Food Centre in Lincolnshire and we often feed over 100 Goldfinches per day, it's quite a sight - flashes of gold and red swooping in daily to feed on this tiny, oil-rich seed.

Goldfinches are now found in almost five times as many gardens as they were sixteen years ago (BTO Research 2012) which means there's a good chance of you seeing one of them in your garden (if you haven't already) if you put out the right bird food. To say they're in around 33% of UK gardens (RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, 2012 Results) they're ranked seventh in average bird count per garden, which is easily explained as they are gregarious and feed happily together and often in large numbers - a "charm".

Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Harper
we love this

My resident tribe of goldfinches love your Niger seed and spend their mealtimes loudly squabbling over who can eat the most in the shortest time. If there's any left the other birds love it too - all the way up to the largest pigeons. I take it to mean not only is it tasty but nutritious and full of essential yumminess to keep them well and healthy through the cold and wet months ahead.

Dave Widley
Seed for Thought

Every time I look out my window at my feeders the Goldies are fighting to get to the feeders, it says it all, just so pleased to see the little ones getting good quality seed Many Thanks

Hi Dave, thank you for your lovely review.

Tim Binder
Goldfinches fave!

We get many charms of goldfinches in the garden and surrounding areas - they are lovely to see and listen to and they just love the Niger seed - they seem to know when the feeder has been filled because they cover it in no time. Great product.

Hello Tim, Goldfinches are so beautiful & it's great to hear that they are visiting your garden - thankyou for your lovely review.

Lisa Smith
Quality seed, picky birds.

Two weeks ago I purchased 12.5 kg of Niger seed and whilst it arrived safely and is of great quality, I’m afraid that I have experienced total disappointment. I also purchased at the same time a Niger seed feeder and thus far have had one single ‘none-goldfinch’ bird fly away with a single seed. I checked the seed in the feeder yesterday and it remains free flowing and devoid of mould. I have read that it should be discarded after 4 weeks if it’s not eaten as it will doubtless have dried out.
I have been so patiently waiting for the goldfinches as I understand their numbers are declining and I wanted to do my bit; however, in the choice between sunflower hearts and the Niger seed there is no contest …the sunflower hearts win the day, every day.
I live in close proximity to Filey Dams, a haven for many bird species and I had hoped to have goldfinches aplenty and possibly siskins and other Niger seed eating birds visiting but for these seeds it’s been an abject failure. I paid a total of £47.98 for the seed and feeder and in hindsight wish I had simply stayed with sunflower seed. I won’t be buying this Niger seed again unless a miracle happens to get the goldfinches to start eating it. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong but a feeder is a feeder and it holds seed. It goes on a feeding station and then it’s over to the goldfinches etc. SO, SO DISAPPOINTING. It’s NO-ONE’S fault…. But I think I need to have a serious word with the birds lol.

Hello Lisa, thank you for your review, I am sorry that your birds are not happy with the feeder that you bought, for us to help you and see what feeder you purchased I will need a little more details from you please email

Alan B
Haiths Niger seed irresistable to Gouldians!

Haiths Niger seed is offered to Gouldians separately to Haiths Foreign Finch tonic seed. They love it - always top quality and none goes to waste!

Hello Alan, thank you for your review. They love the Niger Seed and our super clean Foreign Finch Tonic.