Siskin Bird: Identification, Habitat, and Feeding Tips

Siskin Bird: Identification, Habitat, and Feeding Tips

The Siskin (Spinus spinus) is a small passerine bird and is part of the finch family (Fringillidae). It is a lively little finch that has a distinctly forked tail and a long narrow bill.

They have a greenish coloured plumage, streaked dark brown to black, the male having brighter and darker colouration with a black forehead and chin patch also there are yellow patches in the wings and tail. Females and juveniles are duller with more streaking.

This is a relatively a common bird and can be found in conifer woods, mixed woodlands, and sometimes they even visit our gardens. They can often be seen in flocks among the trees making a sweet twittering sound which makes a very pleasant sight.
Siskin numbers can vary depending on seed production and as the seed from spruce trees dries up they turn to alder and birch seeds, and according to the BTO, coniferous forests were not well surveyed before the 1990s and so the long term trend in the Siskin population is not well known; however, it appears that their numbers may certainly have decreased in recent years.
They breed mainly in the UK and during the winter time birds also arrive from Europe. In the New Year, the Siskin population increases in numbers, and in the spring they may move away from our gardens and go back to their breeding areas. They will, however, return to gardens regularly even during the breeding season.
Siskins are seed eaters, and they search mainly for cone seeds. They may enjoy peanuts and other small seeds as are provided in Haith's Original Wild Bird Food since the 1960s - it's a great value, low-cost, still super- clean and safe for birds seed mix and is ideal for feeding on a ground feeder, bird table or tube-type bird seed feeders.

Siskins are rather fond of Niger seed - a tiny black seed that's also popular with Goldfinches. Indeed we like to think we blend the ultimate mix to attract Siskins and Goldfinches to the bird feeder, it is our Goldfinch & Siskin mix (aptly named!) which is a very special blend of small oil-rich seeds enriched with natural calcium-rich seeds for healthier birds.

The Siskin bird


Siskins may not visit our gardens very often, but if they do they are an absolute delight to see.

Written by Tina Jakes

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