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  • Garden bird mix for goldfinches and siskins. Contains mainly Niger Seed and suitable for Niger Seed Feeders both available from Haith's.
  • Three Goldfinches on plastic bird feeder eating seed mix from Haith's available in bulk weights up to 20 kg
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Goldfinch and Siskin Mix

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Long-Tailed Tit, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Siskin

Niger Seed

Bird food available in bulk from Haith's
Goldfinches and Siskins have never before had it this good when it comes to bird food!

This is the ULTIMATE Goldfinch and Siskin magnet. Now with extra Calcium.

The ultimate mix to attract Goldfinches and Siskins to bird feeders. This is a very special blend of small oil-rich seeds enriched with natural calcium-rich seeds for healthier birds.

Goldfinches are now found in almost five times as many gardens as they were sixteen years ago (BTO Research 2012) which means there's a good chance of you seeing one of them in your garden if you put out the right bird food. To say they're in around 33% of UK gardens (RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, 2012 Results) they're ranked seventh in average bird count per garden, which is easily explained as they are gregarious and feed happily together and often in large numbers of Goldfinches. We experimented over ten years ago placing our Goldfinch Mix alongside Niger Seed in trials and it became clear (quite quickly) that Goldfinches and Siskins enjoy variety in their seed diet too. This year we've improved the diet further and have introduced dried Sesame Seed to provide useful calcium which can be lacking in birds' diets. 

Customer Reviews

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Alec Mudge
Goldfinch & Siskin mix

The food has been in the feeders for about two weeks and it is still untouched. I wish I could give a more positive review.

Hello Alec, many thanks for your review. It can take around six weeks for garden birds to take to a new feeder/seed mix. Sometimes it also helps to take down any other feeders you may have hanging around the garden. Please keep the feeder in place, we're sure they will find it soon.

Dave Widley
Seed to please

This is a great mix if like me you are blessed to have Goldies in your garden since using this mix has drawn 3 times the number of Goldies many of them Grey plates and helped with there conditioning

Hello Dave, thank you for your review. We are so glad to hear that our Goldfinch and Siskin Mix is bringing gorgeous goldfinches to your garden!

Graham Todd!
Goldfinch and Siskin mix

Since I bought this mix my garden feeders have been glittering with Charms of Goldfinches. Excellent stuff!

Thank you for the review, Graham. We love hearing that your birds are happy with our bird mix

Jean Catt
Siskin mix - first time bought

I have numerous Goldfinch and Green Finch coming to my Sunflower hearts but after 3 days of putting a feeder containing the Siskin mix I have to report no interest from my feathered friends - I live in hopes!
Incidentally I purchased some cheap sunflower hearts whilst waiting delivery from Haith's - big mistake!! although wasn't wasted - pigeons will eat anything!
Thanks for your service.

Hello Jean, many thanks for the review. It can take the birds a bit of time to get used to a new mix but they will soon soon figure it. Many thanks put your faith in our SuperClean bird foods.

Mike Morris
Beak party

Our local flocks adore this mix and as described we get up to 14 Goldfinch and Siskin feeding simultaneously. This year we've also seen Blue Tits and Dunnocks joining the party which never used to use our feeder - some mix!

Hello Mike, thank you for the review. It's great to hear that your birds approve.