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Avian flu latest: 3 main reasons to keep feeding the birds

A guide to October in the birdroom with budgies

October in the birdroom with budgies

October is one of those strange months in the budgerigar birdroom – almost anything can happen, and it usually does! Discover more...


Lots of exhibition breeders now start to pair up during the second half of September, so in October, the first chicks will be hatching. Some breeders will be pairing up during this month and get 2017 rings onto the chicks – and for the second round, they should be able to use the new 2018 rings that are issued at Christmas, and get youngsters moulted for the early 2018 shows.
Aviary Budgies

The more conventional exhibition breeders will wait until the end of November to pair up and they too will be able to get youngsters in the nestboxes at Christmas, ready for those 2018 rings. For those breeders it’s now all about preparing the birds for breeding and getting the adults fit!

The major budgerigar specialist shows might be behind us this year but there are plenty of all-variety and members shows that take place during October, November and December.
Budgie Breeding

Fanciers who breed for colour and fun are going to be more reluctant to pair up during the winter months and be thinking about pairing up in February through to June when the weather is more appropriate to breeding and let’s face it – a lot more pleasant for the breeder too, when the weather is warmer and the days are longer.

With budgerigars it’s all about choice – you can breed them when it’s the best time FOR YOU.

So during October we are either breeding, we are preparing the birds for the breeding season, or we are even getting birds ready for the shows. It’s quite a month in the budgerigar birdroom.
Caring for budgies

It’s all about feeding them properly, giving them exercise and keeping them in the right conditions.
Budgie Breeders Mix

All of the birds need a good seed mix, such as Haith’s Budgie Breeders with the addition of some Haith’s Budgie Tonic Seed, we also need to keep the birdroom clean, well ventilated and make sure the birds are not overcrowded.

Budgie Tonic Seed

If we are preparing the birds for breeding, its best to start feeding one of the softfoods four or five times a week, to get the cocks and hens familiar with the food they will take when rearing their chicks, while at the same time, it will bring the birds into breeding condition. It’s worth extending the daylight hours, as extra light will bring the birds into that all important breeding fitness.


The birds that are going to be used for breeding next spring probably need a more simple diet. We don’t want to bring them into breeding condition too quickly. They need a basic seed mix such as Haith’s Budgie Bravo!. Perhaps offer Haith’s softfood once a week to supplement the diet and keep them fit rather than bringing them into breeding condition.

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