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  • Budgie Breeders bird seed contains a mixture of best plain canary seed and Yellow Millet which has been developed by leading breeders for Haith's
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Budgie Breeders Seed™

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Developed by leading Budgerigar breeders; used by budgie-breeding champions.

This mixture of best plain canary seed and yellow millet has been developed by leading breeders to provide an excellent Budgerigar seed staple diet.

Please note: Bird seed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Colin Anderson

Lovely clean seed Budgies Breeders Mix great price for 20kg bag will definitely get it again when the time comes delivered on time you can't go wrong if you buy from Haith's

Thanks, Colin - that's great feedback. Healthy diet, healthy birds.

Benjamin Anderson
Budgie Breeders Mix

"Just got my order today,"" Budgie Breeders Mix"" first thing i noticed , the seed was Super Clean, and a ""Shine"" that's very obvious when you open the bag, i used to feed Haiths years back, when I first kept Budgerigars, delighted to say i will continue to do so, as i have just started back in the hobby, budgies like most livestock are expensive, so it makes sense to feed the ""Best"" Quality Seed , you can buy. that in my opinion is Haiths an established company since 1937,well done and I will continue to purchase your products, thanks from a very happy customer. Regards.....Ben Anderson."

Ian Fletcher
First Class As Always

"First class seed very very clean"

Breeder Seed

"My birds eat gallons of this seed always clean is a great product highly recommended"

Budgie Breeders Seed Is The Best

"I have tried other mixes but my birds prefer this one by far. It is a great all round mix with very little waste and the way that Haiths clean and prepare this mix is top notch. I wouldn�t feed my budgies anything else."