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  • Haith's BRAVO! Budgie Seed™ includes groats as well as plain canary seed and red and yellow millet.
  • Bravo Budgie seed, popular with bird breeders contains plain canary and millet seed.
  • Budgies feed with BRAVO! Budgie Seed™
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BRAVO! Budgie Seed™

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The hero of budgie seeds; big with bird-breeders. Includes groats as well as plain canary seed and red and yellow millet.

"Bravo to Haith's for selling this truly great mix of seed it has all you could require for a balanced diet for pet or aviary budgies and it is as clean as you could wish for as with all of their products. With the addition of some of their Budgie tonic seed fed along side of this and an iodine pecking block and some grit and cuttle it is all you need to ensure that you are feeding a good and balanced healthy diet be you using it for an aviary flock or a caged pet. " - Martin Goodwin

Customer Reviews

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Vicki Dobbins
My budgies love Bravo!

I have been feeding this for about 3 years now and my budgies go mad for it. Nothing is wasted.
My budgies can come and go from their cage all day & they are happy to go in as they love dinner time!
Always delivered promptly after ordering & always fantastic quality. I’ve never had a bad batch.

Hello Vicki, it's great to hear that your Budgies are loving their dinner time. Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.

Jean Harwood
Bravo Budgie seed

My birds love this mixture, they certainly eat plenty of it! All are are happy noisy and in good condition

Thank you for the review, we love hearing that our feathered are enjoying our Budgie Bravo seed mix and are in good condition.

Budgie is in love with Haith’s mix

My budgie has fallen in love with this seed mix, I thought he might struggle with it so I did a half and half mix with his old food and this and immediately he was drawn to it after I offered some to try. We also struggle getting him back in his cage after free flying and today by his own admission he flew back in just to eat some more of the seed mix, something he has only done a couple times for millet. This is definitely a step up from the petsathome food he was having before. Very pleased with the purchase, thanks Haith’s!! Will definitely buy again!!

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. It's great to hear that your budgie loves our seed. A lovely bonus, that it encourages him to go back into his cage.

Will Stirling

You would have to ask my budgiesbut going by the way they crowd around the dishthere is no doubt about it they absolutely love it
Best reaction I have ever noticedafter introducing a new food and I have bred birds for 60 yrs ,thank you so much
Will be ordering again soon
Will stirling

Hello Will, thank you for taking the time to let us know about your bird's reaction to our Bravo! Budgie seed. We love receiving feedback, especially when your birds are having such a positive reaction to it.

Corinne Hammond
Pleased with purchase

We’re new Budgie owners and came to Haiths after doing lots of online research and reading the fantastic reviews. I’m very impressed with the range of products, price and delivery time. The quality is excellent, no dry dust at the bottom of these bags. Will definitely be coming here for all future feed.

Hello Corinne, thank you for taking the time to write us a review. It's great to hear that you are pleased with our Handcrafted SuperClean bird seed.