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  • Budgie Tonic Seed helps keep budgies in top condition.  Superclean caged bird food used by birdkeeping experts.
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Budgie Tonic Seed™

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Make good birds better with Budgerigar Tonic Seed. Used by bird-keeping experts to maintain tip-top condition.

Experts in bird feeding selected the finest superclean seeds which make up this valuable seed mixture. It is a tonic that will keep Budgerigars fit all through the year and supplements basic (staple) bird seed diets, naturally.

Feed from a separate feeding bowl 2 - 3 times a week in addition to birds' usual birdseed mixture. Fanciers have found that some hens will feed their young on this mixture.

Please note: Bird seed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Charlotte David

My bird is a bit fussy, decided to try this from recommendations from others in a budgie group as a treat once a week, well no introduction needed he was drawn to it and ate without a fuss. Happy bird happy me! Great product and fast delivery. Thank you!

Thank you for this lovely review Charlotte. What a gorgeous photo of your budgie!

Fiona K
Budgie tonic

Again great quality mix of seeds bith my budgies love it and so dies my little parrotlet who when they get open cage rime every night she is always popping in and eating seedsfrom both budgies dinners.All 3 of my little darlings award this budgie tonic top marks like myself. Xxxx

Hello Fiona - many thanks for your lovely review. So pleased to hear that your budgies give it top marks.

Very Popular!

I have 8 budgies in my indoor aviary and they are on the Genesis Budgie feed daily however I do like to give them other feeds during the week like egg food and Haiths Budgie Tonic.

The moment I feed Budgie Tonic it seems to attract my budgies to it straight away like a pack of little raptors! They really seem to enjoy it and even I can smell it in my bird room due to the aniseed in the mixture which is a pleasant smell and not overpowering.

Overall this mix is made to such a high standard you can see why it is popular in the budgie community amongst many bird keepers and fanciers.

As always delivery is super quick and I just wish Haiths would make feeds for us humans as I get jealous watching my little flock eat this.

Some pictures added of my happy little flock.

Hello Bryan, many thanks for such a lovely review and your photo's. We are so pleased your birds enjoy it.

Paul Ferguson
What a smell

I bought this to treat my 2 budgies. I haven't kept birds for years and never had this available when I was a kid. The smell of it even sent my daft dog into overdrive.... Thank you.. I got 2 kg bag which will see my 2 as a treat probably for 6 months if not much longer xx

Hello Paul, thank you for the review of our Budgie Tonic Seed. It's much appreciated.

Em H

This mix smells absolutely wonderful when you open the bag! My male budgie was not sure at first, so I mixed in some Genesis mix and he tucked in no problem after that and now eats the lot. My female on the other hand, well, I've never ever seen her eat like that! She literally couldn't get it down fast enough, I was worried at one point because she hadn't come up for air for about 15 mins of solid feeding, I've never seen her react like that to any seed I've tried before! We have a new budgie too that we've recently adopted and he's gone from having Trill his whole life onto Haiths with no issues at all. He waits by the cage door and leaps on the bowl before I've even put it in! There is never any waste either, every bit gets eaten unlike with other seed mixes I've tried which may be a little bit cheaper but they don't save you money because half of it the birds refuse to eat. I always give this mix when my budgies are moulting, it seems to keep their energy levels up even during a heavy moult and their colours are definitely more vibrant when they are having Haiths. Delivery is always super quick too, I live off mainland UK and deliveries can be a real pain but my order always arrives within a couple of days which is very unusual for us!

Hello Em, thank you for the review of our Budgie Tonic Seed. It's great to hear that your birds approve. Thank you for the great photo.