Are your garden birds ready for a 'Big Freeze?'

Are your garden birds ready for a 'Big Freeze?'

Tuesday, 30th December 2014

Rumour has it that this year could see temperatures drop to below average. Could a much colder winter than last year be just around the corner?

We must ask ourselves, what we can do to help our feathered friends - peanuts and suet are always a popular choice; they are rich in oil and will help to attract Goldfinches, tits, House sparrows and Collared Doves. Peanuts must always be fed from a suitable mesh feeder. Suet is also beneficial and loved by many garden birds. Our Huskfree Advance with Suet Pellets is packed with extra goodness and has more fat energy than many other mixes. Also why not try Haith’s High Energy Mixture; this is a premium highly nutritious mix, full of oil-rich sunflower hearts and micro seeds mixed with Rowan and Juniper berries - it will provide high-energy throughout the year and can be fed from the ground, bird tables and bird seed feeders.

There are some dos and don’ts with garden bird feeding, though; never leave out stale or uneaten food for very long as this can generate harmful bacteria and potentially lead to food poisoning. Suet balls should always be removed from their nets as a bird’s feet can (potentially) become trapped in them. Fresh water is also very important; please ensure birds have a fresh supply on a regular, daily basis.

All species of birds are different and it is very important to provide a varied menu as much as possible and then hopefully your garden birds will keep coming back for more...

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Written by Angela and Chris

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