Bird feed basics from Haith's wildlife foods

Bird feed basics

Let's take a quick look at some of the popular bird feed keywords to help newcomers navigate this rewarding hobby: 


That's how this all starts - what's that bird? We grab a book or head to Google and quickly find out what that bird is. It's a female blackbird, chaffinch, dunnock... or whichever bird you spot; however, one thing is for sure, you don't have to be a birdwatcher to put bird feed out for the birds.

Garden direct

Birds know how to navigate to where the bird food is and will go to your garden direct to make the most of any bird feed offerings. As the Kevin Costner film (Field of Dreams) says, if you build it, they (the birds) will come. 

Gardening for birds

Sounds strange doesn't it...gardening for birds? But it's worth thinking about this one because this covers more than putting out supplementary bird feed for garden birds. Take, for example, a bird's requirement for fresh drinking and bathing water - why not create a small garden pond? You may be surprised to learn that a wildlife pond roughly the size of a dustbin lid would do the trick, and it can be shallow - which is nice and safe. There are plenty of other ways of gardening for birds such as planting native species of trees to attract the maximum number of insects (the birds will eat the insects). It will all add up to make a magical difference eventually. 


Bird seeds

In Haith’s world of bird feed, all bird seeds have to be super-cleaned before they’re safe to feature in wild bird food. Bird seeds come in all shapes, weights and sizes - some are popular with just about all garden birds (such as sunflower hearts) whilst others have their own unique bird audience (such as Niger seed for goldfinches and siskins). We encourage you to experiment with bird seeds in your own garden, though, as that’s the best way to get to know your feathered friends.

Wild bird food

Haith’s wild bird food is hand-crafted from only the cleanest, finest super-clean seeds and ingredients. At Haith’s, there’s only one quality of wild bird food, and that’s healthy wild bird food and - at Haith’s - there’s only one quality acceptable for birds and that’s SuperClean bird food. 

RSPB feeding birds

Like Haith’s, the RSPB endorse the year-round feeding of birds. There’s still the misconception that birds only require supplementary feeding during the worst of winter; however, there are more mouths to feed in the summer months when fledglings are competing with adults for food. We have a range of soft foods perfect for busy parents and fledglings. 

Live food direct

Bird feeding wouldn’t be bird feeding with live food and we can despatch live food direct to your door for you to add a protein boost to your bird feed regime. 

Birds food online

The choice is yours as there are plenty of bird foods available in garden centres, pet shops and supermarkets; however, as a bird food specialist that manufa

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