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Bird Water Feeder

Fresh water for garden birds is essential. Not only for hydration but water can also help birds to select their preferred foods.

The two main reasons birds need clean water is of course for drinking and bathing. For drinking, this becomes more important for some species when the weather affects the supply of their preferred foods. So, for example, blackbirds would ideally feed earthworms to their young, but dry weather is likely to mean they may be more reliant on foods you put out such as Huskfree Advance. This type of food is fine for both adult and fledgling but doesn't of course provide the level of moisture found in natural foods such as earthworms.

Birds also bathe to clean and keep their feathers in good condition. Species like starlings and house sparrows like to bathe in groups – it can be quite a spectacle.

When filling your bird water feeder or bird bath then tap water is best. Water from another source like, for instance, a water butt can be used as long as it is new and fresh. A small amount of algae may occur but this can be cleaned off with a stiff brush and clean water. Citrosan keeps bird baths clean and hygienic for drinking and bathing, it's natural, biodegradable and helps to minimise the transmission of disease, such as Trichomonas, by reducing the life span of harmful parasites/bacteria.

Most small garden birds need to drink at least twice a day, maybe more during the hot summer months. Birds have no sweat glands and so lose their water through droppings and respiration. Providing water can also improve a habitat. Water is not just needed by garden birds but other small animals like hedgehogs and squirrels.

You don’t need to have a big country garden either. A shallow container, like an upturned plastic lid or shallow baking tray can be turned into a makeshift bird bath on the smallest of urban balconies.

Haith’s Decorative Bird Bath is 60cm high with a lovely decorative leaf design. It has a large area for water and a sturdy wide base. And don’t worry - we guarantee you don’t have to be good at DIY to put it together as no tools are required to assemble the bird bath.

A regular supply of fresh clean water certainly increases the value of a garden. Alongside feeding bird seed, by leaving out water too, you are instantly creating an all-inclusive feeding haven.

Not only will your local garden birds benefit from your kindness you are likely to attract many different birds that may not have otherwise visited your garden.

Written by Angela

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