Chris Packham – a life with nature (Naturespace with Haith's podcast).

Chris Packham – a life with nature (Naturespace with Haith's podcast).

Episode 9: Chris Packham: Looking after the natural world and our mental health

In this episode of Naturespace with Haith's podcast, Chris talks to Simon King about the birds visiting his garden bird feeders and shares his concern for the species not visiting his garden for bird food. Chris talks about the importance of keeping bird feeders clean and feeding good bird food. Chris generously opens up about his autism diagnosis and his childhood - he tells how he was always at his happiest on his own, scurrying about in the woods and fields, looking for things to fill his jam jar. Chris admits to being 'different' and that he's been 'isolated but not lonely.' Chris explains why he can't stop campaigning - he's in a prime position to make a "potential positive difference" and his best educational efforts are directed at looking after the natural world and mental health issues. We're (Haith's) grateful to Chris for exploring with us the link between autism and nature. Don't expect Chris to get sidetracked any time soon - his arguments and campaigns are rooted in sound science and there is no mid-ground as it's either right or wrong in Chris's eyes.

Born in 1961 in Southampton, Chris found wildlife as soon as he could crawl. Ladybirds and tadpoles where a favourite hobby to catch but as he grew, his skills improved and his collection expanded to reptiles, foxes, badgers, squirrels & birds of prey.

He began taking still photographs and trained as a wildlife film cameraman. His love of photography continued with exhibitions but eventually the camerawork gave way to presenting. He began his presenting career with the award winning ‘Really Wild Show’ in 1986 and continues to this day as one of the most instantly recognized presenters in the UK, regularly taking the lead in Autumnwatch and Springwatch.

Chris, wildlife expert, TV presenter, author and conservationist joined us recently for our Naturespace with Haith’s podcast to talk all about nature, conservation, wildlife, and poo…

Simon King (Haith's director) interviews Chris and says: "If you think Chris Packham is just another TV presenter, think again. He's an educator and if you take time to listen to him, he'll attempt to show and tell how he sees the world. Don't try to compete with him - Chris isn't trying to impress you with his natural history knowledge - he's just sharing what he knows. If you ask him a question and he know the answer (which he probably does) he'll tell you. Listen to Chris talk about his autism diagnosis and the black-and-white nature of what it takes to live with autism. I hope you'll come to the same conclusion as me that life is better for having someone like Chris Packham around to educate about the natural world and mental health. Chris has inspired Haith's to hand over commercial space to nature in our relocation project. Thank you, Chris."

Join us as we listen to Chris and discover how we can all make a difference to nature by standing up to be counted when needed - so we can all help our planet’s future whether on land or in the sea.

Written by Angela

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Hi there, thank you so very much for the Naturespace with Haith’s podcast -
December 23, 2022. Simon King (Haith’s director) interviews Chris Packham.
My son has purchased your products for many years and will have no other because the quality cannot be matched by any other.
The Pod cast was very interesting and I found it to be well presented.

Maureen Erdwin

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