Hedgehog Challenges: Insights from Barry Last of Charlie's Hedgehog Care

Hedgehog Challenges: Insights from Barry Last of Charlie's Hedgehog Care

We were recently contacted by a friend of Haith’s, Mrs Downing, who became aware of roadworks in her local area that seemed to lack any attention to detail regarding the welfare of local wildlife once work hours were over.

Everyone understands that groundworks are needed in residential streets from time to time and even rural areas, but once the site has been left for the day, the void left in pathways, driveways and roads should be covered up so no wildlife can fall in. Drain covers, cattle grids and ponds pose a big danger to small mammals, amphibians and birds, but the remedy is simple! A basic cover is all that’s needed.

Drain Cover

We spoke to Barry, from local hedgehog rescue, ‘Charlie’s Hedgehog Care.’ He said, “When excavation is done, individuals should cover the exposed area when continuous work is not being completed.” He also explained, “These exposed areas should be checked for frogs and small mammals that can’t get out.”


This is an important point to highlight – when people are in a rush to complete a building project for example, they might not take the time to make these vital checks. By implementing these steps, wildlife can be saved.

Barry added, “We had a hedgehog called Muddy Dave who was found in a hole dug for a fence post.” This just shows the reality of wildlife suffering from human activity, whether intentional or not. He added, “This can be prevented through checking for wildlife before starting work, covering holes which are to be left for a period of time and by creating escape routes.” Escape routes could be in the form of a plant pot with a tall plant growing out of it (insects and other small wildlife could use this to climb out), or bricks placed as steps for example. Barry said he believes that “Laws will change soon when endangered species get more rights.”

All we can say, is we hope so too.

“If anybody needs advice on how to treat wild animals and what to do, please contact a rescue and they will be happy to help.” – Barry, Charlie’s Hedgehog Care

Written by Angela & Julianne

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